Fashion, Beauty and Skincare/My 5 favourite face products

Hi and welcome to another post where I am sharing some face products I love that are good for the skin and have a great texture to them, I always relay on certain brands like Nivea and Simple check out My 5 Favourite Products below: Facial washes I can not use soaps as I sufferContinue reading “Fashion, Beauty and Skincare/My 5 favourite face products”

Food and Beverage/Meal idea/Thai Green Curry

So I love a curry and whilst out with my mun for lunch I had a gorgeous bowl of Thai Green curry and wanted to make a version at home. I cheated slightly by using a jar of sauce and packet microwave vegetable rice and added some extra veg to give it a twist.  Continue reading “Food and Beverage/Meal idea/Thai Green Curry”

Fashion, beauty and skincare/What’s in my make up bag

Hi all, so in today’s post I am sharing a video I did showing some Fashion, Beauty and skincare items of What’s in my make up bag. I don’t spend tones of money of make up but I do like to try different products that are good for my skin, as I do suffer withContinue reading “Fashion, beauty and skincare/What’s in my make up bag”

New Year and new me

Hey all, long time no see, been in a bit of a pickle the last couple of weeks and Christmas went so quickly and now we are in a new year. I am in the process of writing my first E book which will be on my website Everyone Can build a castle and IContinue reading “New Year and new me”