All about me and this site.

Hello and welcome. If you are new to my site then please fill free to explore and I really hope you find the content interesting, helpful and inspiring.

If you already follow my blogs then thank you very much for continuing to support me and I really hope that this continues.

I love to write and share my world through blogs and I have created video content too, on my Youtube channel:

For the time being though this has kind of taken a back seat and I want to focus on for now on creating further content through my blogs. I do plan to relaunch my channel in January of next year.

On this site I like to blog about my everyday living and lifestyle from TV. film, music, how I live my everyday life at the weekends and in the week. What Youtube videos I like to watch, my birthdays see my post about my 41st birthday, and how I save time during the weeks and days ahead/A Productive Weekend and there is much more to come…

I also share my everyday living and lifestyle through my Instagram account, Pinterest and Facebook, see below:



Here are links to my other sites, where I also share blogs. I write about books, gift ideas, fashion and beauty, homewares, seasonal clean ups, offer free printables, sports and fitness, personal development and mental health and parenting and have a Gallery page:


I really love to write and have written a few books too, see link below:

If there is a topic you would like me to cover that I haven’t mentioned on this site then please let me know via the form below:



I really love sharing my life and world, helping others with inspiring tips and advice and may it continue.

I wish you all the very best,


Carrie X



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