Lifestyle living/music and comedy to help people through this Pandemic

Hi all this has got to be my fourth blog written within 24 hours. I am on a role but I feel I need to just keep going, that’s how I feel right now. It has been a tough time with many people have been confirmed including some celebs to have the Coronovirus that IContinue reading “Lifestyle living/music and comedy to help people through this Pandemic”

Food and Beverage/Grocery Haul

Please check  out my newest video to help you should you be wanting to shop for some worth while food a grocery haul. Today in Sainsbury’s it was busy as all NHS registered staff and their families as long not more than two or so people can shop early and get priority in the morningsContinue reading “Food and Beverage/Grocery Haul”

Food and Beverage/Meal idea/Spaghetti Bolognese

Hi all here is another meal idea which is a home favourite of ours Spaghetti Bolognese. This one is great for the whole family and can be made less than 20 minutes. Today it is shopping day again. I know with the Coronavirus time are getting tough but this is a good hearty meal youContinue reading “Food and Beverage/Meal idea/Spaghetti Bolognese”

The Celebration of the woman

On Sunday it was National Women’s Day, a time to celebrate us ladies and lets face it not being sexist at all, we do a lot in the world. We invented Cricket which not a lot of people don’t know about, but they did and baseball and we have many a sporting hero. They usedContinue reading “The Celebration of the woman”

Poundland Haul

Hi All please check out my latest video, my Poundland Haul, which is one of my favourites stores if you would like to see more of this content remember to subscribe: You can find some great items from Poundland, such as good stationary and cleaning items too. Many thanks for reading,   Carrie X

Fashion, Skincare and Beauty/Some skincare and beauty products I’m currently using

Hi All, here is another video sharing Some skincare and beauty products I’m currently using. This includes hair and body products. I hope you enjoyed this content and please follow me for further posts and videos and remember to subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel aswell. You can also sign up to for news andContinue reading “Fashion, Skincare and Beauty/Some skincare and beauty products I’m currently using”

Fashion, Beauty and Skincare/My 5 favourite face products

Hi and welcome to another post where I am sharing some face products I love that are good for the skin and have a great texture to them, I always relay on certain brands like Nivea and Simple check out My 5 Favourite Products below: Facial washes I can not use soaps as I sufferContinue reading “Fashion, Beauty and Skincare/My 5 favourite face products”

Food and Beverage/Meal idea/Thai Green Curry

So I love a curry and whilst out with my mun for lunch I had a gorgeous bowl of Thai Green curry and wanted to make a version at home. I cheated slightly by using a jar of sauce and packet microwave vegetable rice and added some extra veg to give it a twist.  Continue reading “Food and Beverage/Meal idea/Thai Green Curry”

Fashion, beauty and skincare/What’s in my make up bag

Hi all, so in today’s post I am sharing a video I did showing some Fashion, Beauty and skincare items of What’s in my make up bag. I don’t spend tones of money of make up but I do like to try different products that are good for my skin, as I do suffer withContinue reading “Fashion, beauty and skincare/What’s in my make up bag”