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Watch “HOW TO STOP SPENDING MONEY 💸 (15 tips to stop impulse shopping + save money with minimalism)” on YouTube

Watch “HOW TO STOP SPENDING MONEY 💸 (15 tips to stop impulse shopping + save money with minimalism)” on YouTube


DAY 12:

I’m starting this blog whilst waiting to help take my son to his school church service today, it is amazing how you can use such little time to do bits and bobs, Thank the lord for APPS AND SMART PHONES!

Image result for free images of apps and phones

This time of year we can spend, spend, spend, and be anxious at the same time because we are getting into debt as we do so. yet we have all these gifts to buy and birthdays too, like in my world, yet how can we save money and stop spending so we have more of it, without being out of pocket?

Please watch this video below about How to stop spending money, with 15 tips to stop impulse shopping and save money with minimalism.

This video is by Home Happy Life and they do great content like the video above.

I do believe you should treat yourself but if you are doing it 3 or 4 times a day, or you can’t just buy the one item and you feel that guilt where you know it will damage your self esteem and effect your relationships, which in turn leads to regret, then it isn’t a treat at all.


A treat doesn’t have to be a materialistic thing it can be anything,

Tips to treat yourself with less spending or even for free


So I hope this helps you with trying to not impulse buy, stop spending and save, and if you have other tips then please share if you wish. All comments can be shared below.

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Why Pottering around helps me get other things done and save me time. BLOGMAS DAY 7!

Why Pottering around helps me get other things done and save me time. BLOGMAS DAY 7!

What is that yes its still blogmas, its day 7


IF YOU HAVEN’T READ MY OTHER BLOGS FOR BLOGMAS THEN PLEASE CHECK OUT MY SITE where you will find all my new and recent blogmas posts. 

Welcome to Blogmas


In today’s post I am sharing more details of how else I like to save time, because my other post relating to this one How I save myself time and money, seemed to go down very well.

Here is why Pottering around helps me get other bits done and save me time. 

Well basically  “Pottering around”  is one of my “favourite things” to go around the house without really thinking about it too much and just going with whatever I think or feel needs doing, because it stops me from being lazy and doing nothing.


There is no system or method to it, its just putting things away, sorting things out and just having a general (no speed clean) but at a calm and steady pace and I often surprise myself of just how much I can ACCOMPLISHED.

Amazing how pottering around can save you so much time





That will never be the case, it’s just that sometimes if you allow yourself to just do things as you see them, without worry, thinking too much and planning, it is surprising how you can still be productive without having to put it down on your to do list for the day and make the most of the time you have, that will help you to have more time to do other things in that day.

Last Wednesday I came home from dropping my son off at school and checked my watch and I had twenty minutes before an appointment I had arranged with my Keyworker.

This person has been helping me with my anxiety and I would recommend getting home help if you have it in your area, through the NHS if you are suffering with Mental health.

Here is what I did that day as I pottered around:

  • put the washing up away from breakfast into cupboards and draws where they belong, which lead me to cleaning the sink, that was on my to do list that day
  • cleared our laundry we had done the day before that was dry and took this upstairs
  • put the clean clothes away
  • then tidied the cushions on the sofa in the living room
  • Tidied any toys on the floor that my son had left that morning
  • Put items together that I need for my blogs and to do other bits I planned on the computer
  • Then sorted out a warranty that needed to be cancelled, to then go through my notebook to see if there was anything else I could do within that time.

I even potter around the house in the mornings before Henry goes to school.

A quick time saving tip# if I know I am cleaning upstairs the next day I will take the polish and cloth with me when I go to bed the night before, leave this beside my bed so I can then before Henry goes to school, clean upstairs without needing to go downstairs to get these cleaning items, to potter around so I can have a day to do other bits and bobs. 


Continuing on about last Wednesday before my appointment with my Keyworker. I could have done some more of my items on my to do list in my notepad, prior to pottering around, but some tasks like blogging for example I know will take some time and didn’t want to be half way through a post and then have to stop, as I most likely will forget what I wrote and then this could then lead me to take longer on a blogpost, not having time to do other things I had planned that day.

Another quick tip# circle or highlight all the items on your to do list that take no longer than 5 minutes, and they say do the longer things first, but for me this doesn’t help me save time at all and if you have appointments during the day you can’t always do the longer jobs first.

I don’t worry about that.

I do all the little jobs to then focus on the bigger jobs. 

I even pottered around today after we (my husband and I) went to town to have our weekend coffee and get some bits we needed to clean our house. This allowed me to put the items away that we just bought upstairs, which then lead me to want to create some bits for my son to help him with his learning that I had been meaning to do for a while and meant I could tick off another item on my to do list, that I had been meaning to do for a while and then do other things.


I find that the weekends are perfect for me to do some pottering around because I do have more time to catch up on tiding and get ahead for Monday and the week ahead.


So if YOU don’t like to necessarily do a speed clean because you find you get flustered and you want to clean but still take your time then pottering around is


Pottering stops me from procrastinating and doing nothing.

If you to are a fellow potterer and you have another method of saving time or a hack. I love hacks. Please share in the comments below.

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Enjoy the rest of your Saturday and I will post for day 8 tomorrow, but until then many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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Blogmas 2019 image

YES, YES, YES! For the first time ever I am going to be doing Blogmas, where I will be posting a blog either on this site, on my main site or my other WordPress sites (see links to these below):

This will be everyday from tomorrow the 1st December to the 25th December, Christmas day.

I am not going to lie I am pretty apprehensive about it as there will be days where tiredness or busyness of doing other things may get in the way but even if it is sharing a video, about an article or book, etc I am going to post.

Already this morning as I have been preparing for this year doing Blogmas we have had a few strops, my son, me and my husband but the one thing that I love about my family is however much we may moan to one another we always laugh at the end.

Today it is Saturday and I have had a productive morning with doing a home workout whilst catching up on some Youtube, working on my blogs and giving my son his breakfast, and soon I will be getting mine and hubby’s breakfast on too.

So I am ready for the day, we are off to the football whilst my son spends time with his nanny (my mum) and visits Bockets Farm, which is great for kids as they do a Christmas event there, which is one of the reasons why Henry is going and is going to spend sometime with his cousins too.

I wish you all a great day and please look out for my posts which I will putting up on my Pinterest and social media accounts aswell, and lets get this show on the road!



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Blogging on a Sunday/Home for Halloween

Blogging on a Sunday/Home for Halloween

Blogging on a Sunday. Very unusual for me, but really wanted to. This week just gone was my Son’s half term, check my new blog on my parenting tips and tricks site called “Handling half term blues/time for spooks today“Which I wrote on the day of Halloween.

We didn’t do any trickle treating, but I made some funny faces on our dinner, and we decorated our home for Halloween too.

I am not comfortable with knocking on people’s doors saying “Trickle Treat” not these days, but perhaps when Henry is older perhaps we will do more on Halloween. We, my hubby and I just want our son to know about the day and if he wants to trickle treat in the future then perhaps we will.

I have literally 10 minutes before my mum brings my son back home, as he spent some time with Nanny today, for a change whilst my husband and I got to do some other bits such as I tidied up our (my husband’s and I) bedroom, whilst my husband did some fitness training and then we had some soup. Heinz of course. You can’t beat a nice can of Heinz soup especially in the Autumn and Winter, when it is dreary and cold outside.

We have made our own soup, but when the likes of ASDA do a sale, and no I am not sponsored by ASDA or Heinz in anyway, on tin soup we take advantage.

In a weeks time it is my son’s birthday and I will be posting some blogs about this, to others who may have some children’s birthdays coming up and need some tips and tricks.

You don’t have to spend a fortune by any means, but allow them to celebrate their day with their friends and family.

I haven’t caught up on Strictly but at the moment we are catching up on Killing Eve, a series on BBC 1.

Sundays for me is about catching up on Errands, some TV, doing some exercise, as I have begun to do my Sunday morning run again, along with some training indoors of weights and I will post a blog about this on my site: Sports and Fitness Passion.

Who love Sunday roasts?

I love them, and look forward to having a Sunday roast or a slow cooked stew or casserole.

So what do you do on a Sunday? Do you like to chill and catch up on errands?

What did you do for Halloween?

I would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment below.

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Carrie X

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When the autumn comes and it begins to get colder

When the autumn comes and it begins to get colder

Image result for autumn quotes leaves on a tree free images

Suddenly the weather has begun to get colder and when the autumn comes it starts to get darker early, the leaves all fall from the trees and its time for coats, scarves, hats and gloves.

For me what I love about this time of the year is being cozy indoors with a nice cup of hot chocolate, or a cup of tea, listening to some music, watching a film, with my husband and son. I have already begun listening to “Last Christmas” and also like a good festive book.

Getting up in the mornings is harder as it begins to get colder, and you are nicely warm tucked up in bed.

The food I love this time of year is a good slow cooked meals, such as a sausage or beef casserole, a lovely roast on a Sunday and on Saturday, this one coming we are planning on having some homemade kebabs.

Easy to do:

  • Get some diced meat of your choice
  • Peppers and mushrooms
  • Kebab sticks

Then you are good to go.

Half term this week and next. My son is off next week, and going to spend a lot of it as I see it, you never know with children and transport problems if it goes to plan or not, but going on many buses and trains, visiting some places in London.

If you are doing the same then I would recommend in getting an Oyster card rather than a Travelcard because this can add up to be more expensive. You can touch in and out of stations and buses with a debit or credit card, but with an Oyster card you just put the amount you want on it, and then it is easier to keep tabs on what you have spent and how much you have left.

Image result for halloween free images

Then it is Halloween, and today I in a moment will be getting out my Halloween Decor out, to decorate the home. We mainly decorate our living room area. We want our son Henry to experience the seasonal celebration days such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

Image result for Christmas market free images

I love a Christmas market and will be planning on seeing visiting even if I don’t buy anything. Having a Christmas drink in the coffee shop, one of my favourite things at Christmas. They can add on calories so will only be having a few, but nevertheless will be taking full advantage when I do.

So lets put on some tunes, getting cozy with the heating on if your are cold and lets enjoy our festive comforts. HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYONE!

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Carrie X

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Taking some well earned timeout

Taking some well earned timeout

Taking some well earned timeout, is often needed and this weekend we did.

Image result for Taking some well earned timeout free images and quotes

Last week was good, Henry got to dress in yellow for #helloyellow day at his school to raise money for young people with mental illness. Check out my blog I wrote about How to look after the mind on my website for #mentalhealthday2019:

I also did another run last Thursday up at the #southbank in London, check out my sports and fitness passion blog about how I am On the Road to Recovery.

I posted a Homewares blog about Homewares for the Autumn.

On Friday, the one just gone I updated my website to add the blog posts I had written in the week, to continue to promote and help raise funds see my Facebook page for #mentalhealth.

However come the evening of Friday I was completely and utterly wiped out. I could not do anymore. It was time to rest and recuperate. So got my son into bed, so I could go to bed and did not budge until the next day.

Come Saturday a start of a new day I had slept well and got my son’s breakfast ready, had a cuppa, got him dressed ready for the day, wrote another blog called Effective Communication/Getting kids to Make Decisions, did some homework with Henry, got myself ready for the day and then mum picked up my son, so my hubby and I could have some well earned time together just the two of us, whilst my son when to #bockettsfarm.

We went up to, guest where, twice in one week. The #southbank in London again.

Check out my Instagram:

It was of course raining, and yeah we got wet, but we still had a really good day. As parents you just need that time to yourself and we chatted, laughed, reflected, had a few drinks and then went back home for something to eat and then went to bed.

There is a pub called The Vault under #towerbridge. Very expensive, £9.70 for a half of cider and a pint of Guinness, plus the toilets were out of order. Not impressed, nice pub but too expensive and so will not be going back.

Walking back I did manage to find a toilet, in London Bridge station and I have got to say, I do like the way it has been recreated. So much nicer and you get a good vibe now with these stations. I remember years ago when they looked like they had been down trodden and uncared for. There is a Hamleys in the London Bridge station now, so my hubby and I had a little look. I will be returning, not to that one as it is a bit small but the one in Regent’s Street in London.

They have some brilliant toys for kids of all ages and often have some items, especially this time of the year on sale.

We had a drink in the BFI along the Southbank and the Waterloo Tap, which sells natural beers, stouts and ciders.

The weather didn’t stop us. Come Sunday we went into Epsom, had a coffee and did a bit of shopping. I like the Halloween items in TK Maxx. They have some brilliant items which I will be sharing and some lovely planners for 2020 aswell.

Wilko Halloween Decor, not so great so far. Not sure if there is more to come, but there seemed to be more Christmas and less Halloween in our local one.

Once visited the shops we returned home. I was tired as i hadn’t slept well on Saturday night, so had a little nap. I had really bad indigestion and I put it down to having the left over picky bits we had on Saturday evening after our walk up the Southbank. I will not be eating Doritos again, as they had to be the culprit, due to having such problems before. Sometimes you have to admit defeat.

Nevertheless I still enjoyed Sunday. We had dinner at my mum and stepdad’s. A lovely roast. I would have taken a photo but as always I ate it before I remembered to do so. Not to self will remember next time as my step dad’s roasts are truly special.

I did catch up on Strictly Come Dancing on catch up. So far my favourite is Kelvin Fletcher. Brilliant and outstanding so far. Great replacement. Not seen the results so who knows. Here is his Charleston.

Anyway, I hope you had a good week and weekend. Let me know what you did this weekend and of any places you recommend going to visit, I love such feedback. You can comment below. I love exploring and am so looking forward to visiting a Christmas Market this year. I know, still a few months to go but it isn’t far and so going to enjoy it when it finally comes around.

Here  is another site I post regular blogs on:

So here we are another Tuesday and already its time to put the dinner on. Have a good rest of the week everyone and will post on this site again next week. BYE FOR NOW!

Image result for happy days quote

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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What a Dreadful Day


What a dreadful day it is today, and boy did I get wet this morning, literally soaked through. I couldn’t even drink the Chai Latte I bought from Costa I got so wet.

Anyway dried off now and indoors. Please check out my new fitness blog I wrote called “Completed Another Run” outside, as I have started getting into running again.

Go check out my fitness blog from last week called “Getting Back Into Fitness”. I am disappointed in myself for stopping as I had progressed so much from when I very first started running. Nevertheless it is good to get back out there pacing those pavements, even though it has been tough getting back into it.

I even did a workout indoors on Sunday morning which I hadn’t done for a few weeks. Watch out for my fitness blogs on sportsandfitnesspassion as I will be posting more very soon.

Image result for free images people running

Last weekend I got into watching a lot of films. On Friday whilst my husband was out with his work colleagues I watched a film called Keeping Up With The Joneses. It is about a new set of neighbours who move into the neighbourhood and pretend to a normal very happy in love couple when it turns out they are secretly spy’s.

Loved this film, and I would definitely watch it again, as it was so funny. Even my son watched it with me and laughed to and his 5 years old.

Image result for Film called The Joneses

On Saturday my husband and I watched Bohemium Rhapsody, which is about Freddy Mercury and Queen, of how they formed and when they became to do Live Aid, which was truly memorable.

I love, love this film and could watch it, again and again. I just love the whole story of how they were all just university students and Freddy was a baggage handler on the side, and became big stars.

I have written a few blogs dedicated to Queen called Queen Mania and Queens Music lives on through film.

Image result for Film called Bohemian Rhapsody

I did watch Strictly Come Dancing, the first show on Monday evening, and did a lot of dancing with my son, who enjoyed the show too. Check out my blog I wrote called Strictly is Back, where I talk about my thoughts of the launch show.

It was definitely full of surprises and I think we were all stunned by Kevin Fletcher, from Emmerdale, Samba. Definitely one to watch

If you didn’t see it, here is a snippet of Kevin Fletcher’s Samba below:

My favourite song this year has been a Genesis song, Follow you, follow me, but I like a new version of this song. I discovered it from seeing a car advert on the TV. The version is sung by a singer called Rina Mushonga by Faultline Beat.

The other songs I have been loving at the moment is Oleta Adams, Get Here. Also I have been listening to a lot of Celion Dion songs, I imagine myself being able to sing those songs like her. Absolute outstanding voice.

The other song have been:

Also last Friday I watched a lot documentaries about another band I love, Fleetwood Mac, and I am lucky that I have seen one of the members perform, Stevie Nicks at the Hard Rock Calling Festival in Hyde Park.

So what films, TV and music have you been loving? I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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