Food and Beverage/Grocery Haul

Please check  out my newest video to help you should you be wanting to shop for some worth while food a grocery haul. Today in Sainsbury’s it was busy as all NHS registered staff and their families as long not more than two or so people can shop early and get priority in the morningsContinue reading “Food and Beverage/Grocery Haul”

Food and Beverage/Meal idea/Spaghetti Bolognese

Hi all here is another meal idea which is a home favourite of ours Spaghetti Bolognese. This one is great for the whole family and can be made less than 20 minutes. Today it is shopping day again. I know with the Coronavirus time are getting tough but this is a good hearty meal youContinue reading “Food and Beverage/Meal idea/Spaghetti Bolognese”

Food and Beverage/Meal idea/Thai Green Curry

So I love a curry and whilst out with my mun for lunch I had a gorgeous bowl of Thai Green curry and wanted to make a version at home. I cheated slightly by using a jar of sauce and packet microwave vegetable rice and added some extra veg to give it a twist.  Continue reading “Food and Beverage/Meal idea/Thai Green Curry”

Talking shopping and meal ideas

Hi all Talking Shopping and Meal Ideas today as I love this sort of content and filming it. My favourite meal of the day is my dinner and I do like to plan my meals for the week and each day. I may not always write them down but I do still like to haveContinue reading “Talking shopping and meal ideas”

Watch “HOW TO STOP SPENDING MONEY 💸 (15 tips to stop impulse shopping + save money with minimalism)” on YouTube

HI ALL ITS ANOTHER DAY OF BLOGMAS. DAY 12: I’m starting this blog whilst waiting to help take my son to his school church service today, it is amazing how you can use such little time to do bits and bobs, Thank the lord for APPS AND SMART PHONES! This time of year we can spend,Continue reading “Watch “HOW TO STOP SPENDING MONEY 💸 (15 tips to stop impulse shopping + save money with minimalism)” on YouTube”

10 Great Christmas Hacks

Yes it is Day 4 of Blogmas and I have already written one post today on my website:  Sharing some Gift Ideas and Offers and be quick as a lot of the items are on limited sale and running out of stock. Anyway in this blog I am sharing 10  Great Christmas Hacks. IContinue reading “10 Great Christmas Hacks”


YES, YES, YES! For the first time ever I am going to be doing Blogmas, where I will be posting a blog either on this site, on my main site or my other WordPress sites (see links to these below): This will be everyday from tomorrow the 1st December toContinue reading “BLOGMAS IS HERE! POSTING EVERYDAY FROM TOMORROW 1ST OF DEC TO THE 25TH DEC 2019”

Blogging on a Sunday/Home for Halloween

Blogging on a Sunday. Very unusual for me, but really wanted to. This week just gone was my Son’s half term, check my new blog on my parenting tips and tricks site called “Handling half term blues/time for spooks today“Which I wrote on the day of Halloween. We didn’t do any trickle treating, but IContinue reading “Blogging on a Sunday/Home for Halloween”

When the autumn comes and it begins to get colder

Suddenly the weather has begun to get colder and when the autumn comes it starts to get darker early, the leaves all fall from the trees and its time for coats, scarves, hats and gloves. For me what I love about this time of the year is being cozy indoors with a nice cup ofContinue reading “When the autumn comes and it begins to get colder”