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How I save myself time and money

How I save myself time and money

Almost wrote this on the wrong site, but in some way this information can apply to parenting too, because lets face it being a mum or dad you are juggling a lot of things. it can be very much a balancing act.

I have been posting on this site on a Sunday, but thought whilst hubby and son were out getting petrol, I would take advantage.

I wrote a blog post similar to this one, please check it out: How I save myself time during the days and weeks ahead/A Productive weekend

The key thing for me is GETTING AHEAD OF MYSELF! I wrote a blog on my site: 

Arranging a birthday party/Never try to please everyone its truly impossible

Where I talk about getting ahead of myself. Its what I live by at the moment to help stop me from getting overwhelmed because it is a very busy time of year, like it is for a lot of people, as I have many birthdays before Christmas and helps me get organized.

One tip# How I save myself time and money, by thinking of each step before it is done. You do especially being a parent have to be flexible and adaptable, because often the plans go out of the window but this also helps you should you end up with a child who is sick or an adult even.

1. Always if you have children take change of clothing out should they get sick like a vomiting or diarrhea, even when they are no longer babies, because kids can get sick anywhere. Often there is no warning, but least you have planned ahead, should this occur and have your health visitor and doctors number should you need to make an urgent appointment to see them.

2. Have Calpol to hand and paracetamol, and if they do offers in your pharmacy on such items, which they often do this time of year, take advantage. Like Boots a UK pharmacy, they will often do special offers or give you a voucher if you have Boots card to use on your next purchase. Make sure you check the valid from and expiry date before using.

3. Save for Christmas and birthdays like your children a year or so ahead, and have some idea of what you plan to buy as gifts and where you will be having their birthday or Christmas meal or party some time before hand too. Yes this may change as children’s minds change, but once you have some idea you can easily adapt and make as you get nearer to the day any changes way before, so some items you can tick of your list and prepare should any last minute items come up.

4. Any Christmas dinner and parties you need to arrange, make sure you book way ahead of time usually as soon as venues and restaurants begin to advertise as many can be booked up very quickly.

5. I will use my free weekends to catch up on errands and chores because helps save time in the week, and the same applies for my blogs and writing my books too.

6. One item I used on my parenting blog above, which I wanted to include here, because it is very relevant this time of year, is any store cards like if you have a Boots card, save the points you have earned to help pay for gifts for people or medicines you may need. Make sure if you have a Boots card that you pick up the free Boots magazine, as they will have coupons and vouchers in this too. If you haven’t got a Boots card, then you can still pick this up, but you will have to pay for it instead.

7. If other parents who’s children are in the same school and class and ask if you if would like to participate in making or putting a few quid towards a gift for the teacher opt in. Saves you a lot of time and money. Of course if they ask for an extortionate amount you have to choice to opt out too, everyone’s budget after all is often different however most, well I would like to think, will say any amount is welcome and I usually will give £5 towards a gift and help getting my son involved help make the handmade gift too.

8. Always pack items that you are wearing and your children will wear the night before, and set any own clothes days and event days at your children’s school and diary on your Calendar, paper or digital because lets face it, it is easy to lose track and forget. One thing I learned recently to do, and I always us Google Calendar because it is free and you can check it everywhere you go.

9. If you fancy some TV time to yourself but don’t often get the chance, which is quite regular in my case, set a day and time in your calendar too. We often just need that time to do other things other than chores and look after our kids. I tend to use the days off whilst son is at school even if it is for half or an hour. Of course if you work full time, then I tended to use the evenings, and when I do my exercising I set my alarm and extra half hour early before my son and hubby are due to get us or whilst cooking dinner in the kitchen, in the evening. Alternative my husband will do his exercise and catch up on TV when my son and I have gone to bed at night on some evenings too.

10. Clean as you go and whilst you are waiting. Example whilst I was waiting for the kettle to boil to sterilize one of Henry’s cup which I do still recommend to do especially if they take them to school, because it is surprising how many germs they can pick up if not careful, I did a bit of dusting in my Living room and a quick clean is just as a effective as a long cleaning session as it helps get ahead and stay on track.

So I hope this information was helpful and if you have any other tips of how to save time and money please share, I love sharing these types of tips and ideas and when others do too. All comments can be left below.

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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Carrie X

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Stress free Christmas/Get ahead of yourself

Stress free Christmas/Get ahead of yourself
Christmas decor picture 1

This is a image of our home we decorated for last year 2018.

I love blogging on a Sunday so I think I am going to continue to do so for this blog as Sunday’s is more or less a free day for me at the moment so going to make the most of it.

Last week I started a new job so couldn’t blog as much as I wanted, so using the weekends to catch up is really helping. Today I purchased my first Christmas present. OH YEAH!

If you want a stress free Christmas you have to get ahead of yourself. I hate rushing and this week I had to do a lot of that, because it was my mums birthday, my brothers and my son’s party yesterday, and had another birthday today.

I wrote a blog on my site:

I shared a blog giving some tips and tricks on Arranging a kids party and not try to please everyone because it is truly impossible. However it did go well everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, next year I will plan it a bit better, but I won’t be doing a party every year, I already have an idea of what I will do, so going to save once tomorrow is over, from this Tuesday coming for next year.

  • This is one tip I would share on this site about Christmas, start saving as soon as Christmas is over for next year, it saves a lot of time and gets you ahead of yourself.

Getting ahead of myself is what I live by at the moment, because if I can save myself time for the next day, I know this will leave me time to have for myself and not get overwhelmed.

I wrote a blog this week on my site: 

About never try to be perfect and create good habits instead. I live by this too, because no one in this world is perfect and so I stopped trying to be, instead I do what I can, when I can, but if I can save myself a bit of time then I do it, and this is a good habit to get into.

  • The other tip I would give about Christmas and birthdays, is save those points on your store cards as much as possible. I love my Boots card and if you shop at Sainsbury’s save those Nectar points, because that’s how we paid for one of our shops over one Christmas and great way to save yourself money and time. 
  • If you see any Christmas items such as table wear, clothes or gifts for people get them as they usually start doing better deals way before Christmas when the stock starts coming out, which this year was about August. The closer you get to Christmas the higher price of some of the items will usually be. 
  • Another tip is set a date in your diary of when you will sit down and plan for the festive period. You can do this as early as you want to, its up to you. Even though I save, I tend to wait until all the birthdays are done in November and this year I am going to start from the 26th November. Getting that one present today, as helped me get myself ready and can tick one item on the list, however there is still more to do, so just sitting down and planning is a great way to go over what you really need and stop unnecessary purchases and not over spend. 
  • Only spend what you can and remember the price tag isn’t important as even making a gift can still be truly special and more personal. 
  • Always have a budget and have a list. 
  • If you are stuck on what to buy as gifts then do ask your friends and family, what they will truly want. Don’t be shy about giving gift cards, as sometimes giving a gift card saves you time and gives them a choice of what they want, rather than buying them an item they will later return. 

So I am going to get on with some more bits I need to do before tomorrow as I have another busy week ahead. Not as much as last week, but as life there is always something to do, well in my life there is anyway.

Have a great rest of the weekend people and see you in the blog next week, which will probably be next Sunday. Have a good week ahead.

If you have any more tips about how you plan and get ready for Christmas and birthdays then please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you. I love sharing tips such as these online, its a great way to spread the word and help others make their lives easier too.

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Blogging on a Sunday/Home for Halloween

Blogging on a Sunday/Home for Halloween

Blogging on a Sunday. Very unusual for me, but really wanted to. This week just gone was my Son’s half term, check my new blog on my parenting tips and tricks site called “Handling half term blues/time for spooks today“Which I wrote on the day of Halloween.

We didn’t do any trickle treating, but I made some funny faces on our dinner, and we decorated our home for Halloween too.

I am not comfortable with knocking on people’s doors saying “Trickle Treat” not these days, but perhaps when Henry is older perhaps we will do more on Halloween. We, my hubby and I just want our son to know about the day and if he wants to trickle treat in the future then perhaps we will.

I have literally 10 minutes before my mum brings my son back home, as he spent some time with Nanny today, for a change whilst my husband and I got to do some other bits such as I tidied up our (my husband’s and I) bedroom, whilst my husband did some fitness training and then we had some soup. Heinz of course. You can’t beat a nice can of Heinz soup especially in the Autumn and Winter, when it is dreary and cold outside.

We have made our own soup, but when the likes of ASDA do a sale, and no I am not sponsored by ASDA or Heinz in anyway, on tin soup we take advantage.

In a weeks time it is my son’s birthday and I will be posting some blogs about this, to others who may have some children’s birthdays coming up and need some tips and tricks.

You don’t have to spend a fortune by any means, but allow them to celebrate their day with their friends and family.

I haven’t caught up on Strictly but at the moment we are catching up on Killing Eve, a series on BBC 1.

Sundays for me is about catching up on Errands, some TV, doing some exercise, as I have begun to do my Sunday morning run again, along with some training indoors of weights and I will post a blog about this on my site: Sports and Fitness Passion.

Who love Sunday roasts?

I love them, and look forward to having a Sunday roast or a slow cooked stew or casserole.

So what do you do on a Sunday? Do you like to chill and catch up on errands?

What did you do for Halloween?

I would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment below.

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When the autumn comes and it begins to get colder

When the autumn comes and it begins to get colder

Image result for autumn quotes leaves on a tree free images

Suddenly the weather has begun to get colder and when the autumn comes it starts to get darker early, the leaves all fall from the trees and its time for coats, scarves, hats and gloves.

For me what I love about this time of the year is being cozy indoors with a nice cup of hot chocolate, or a cup of tea, listening to some music, watching a film, with my husband and son. I have already begun listening to “Last Christmas” and also like a good festive book.

Getting up in the mornings is harder as it begins to get colder, and you are nicely warm tucked up in bed.

The food I love this time of year is a good slow cooked meals, such as a sausage or beef casserole, a lovely roast on a Sunday and on Saturday, this one coming we are planning on having some homemade kebabs.

Easy to do:

  • Get some diced meat of your choice
  • Peppers and mushrooms
  • Kebab sticks

Then you are good to go.

Half term this week and next. My son is off next week, and going to spend a lot of it as I see it, you never know with children and transport problems if it goes to plan or not, but going on many buses and trains, visiting some places in London.

If you are doing the same then I would recommend in getting an Oyster card rather than a Travelcard because this can add up to be more expensive. You can touch in and out of stations and buses with a debit or credit card, but with an Oyster card you just put the amount you want on it, and then it is easier to keep tabs on what you have spent and how much you have left.

Image result for halloween free images

Then it is Halloween, and today I in a moment will be getting out my Halloween Decor out, to decorate the home. We mainly decorate our living room area. We want our son Henry to experience the seasonal celebration days such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

Image result for Christmas market free images

I love a Christmas market and will be planning on seeing visiting even if I don’t buy anything. Having a Christmas drink in the coffee shop, one of my favourite things at Christmas. They can add on calories so will only be having a few, but nevertheless will be taking full advantage when I do.

So lets put on some tunes, getting cozy with the heating on if your are cold and lets enjoy our festive comforts. HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYONE!

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Taking some well earned timeout

Taking some well earned timeout

Taking some well earned timeout, is often needed and this weekend we did.

Image result for Taking some well earned timeout free images and quotes

Last week was good, Henry got to dress in yellow for #helloyellow day at his school to raise money for young people with mental illness. Check out my blog I wrote about How to look after the mind on my website for #mentalhealthday2019:

I also did another run last Thursday up at the #southbank in London, check out my sports and fitness passion blog about how I am On the Road to Recovery.

I posted a Homewares blog about Homewares for the Autumn.

On Friday, the one just gone I updated my website to add the blog posts I had written in the week, to continue to promote and help raise funds see my Facebook page for #mentalhealth.

However come the evening of Friday I was completely and utterly wiped out. I could not do anymore. It was time to rest and recuperate. So got my son into bed, so I could go to bed and did not budge until the next day.

Come Saturday a start of a new day I had slept well and got my son’s breakfast ready, had a cuppa, got him dressed ready for the day, wrote another blog called Effective Communication/Getting kids to Make Decisions, did some homework with Henry, got myself ready for the day and then mum picked up my son, so my hubby and I could have some well earned time together just the two of us, whilst my son when to #bockettsfarm.

We went up to, guest where, twice in one week. The #southbank in London again.

Check out my Instagram:

It was of course raining, and yeah we got wet, but we still had a really good day. As parents you just need that time to yourself and we chatted, laughed, reflected, had a few drinks and then went back home for something to eat and then went to bed.

There is a pub called The Vault under #towerbridge. Very expensive, £9.70 for a half of cider and a pint of Guinness, plus the toilets were out of order. Not impressed, nice pub but too expensive and so will not be going back.

Walking back I did manage to find a toilet, in London Bridge station and I have got to say, I do like the way it has been recreated. So much nicer and you get a good vibe now with these stations. I remember years ago when they looked like they had been down trodden and uncared for. There is a Hamleys in the London Bridge station now, so my hubby and I had a little look. I will be returning, not to that one as it is a bit small but the one in Regent’s Street in London.

They have some brilliant toys for kids of all ages and often have some items, especially this time of the year on sale.

We had a drink in the BFI along the Southbank and the Waterloo Tap, which sells natural beers, stouts and ciders.

The weather didn’t stop us. Come Sunday we went into Epsom, had a coffee and did a bit of shopping. I like the Halloween items in TK Maxx. They have some brilliant items which I will be sharing and some lovely planners for 2020 aswell.

Wilko Halloween Decor, not so great so far. Not sure if there is more to come, but there seemed to be more Christmas and less Halloween in our local one.

Once visited the shops we returned home. I was tired as i hadn’t slept well on Saturday night, so had a little nap. I had really bad indigestion and I put it down to having the left over picky bits we had on Saturday evening after our walk up the Southbank. I will not be eating Doritos again, as they had to be the culprit, due to having such problems before. Sometimes you have to admit defeat.

Nevertheless I still enjoyed Sunday. We had dinner at my mum and stepdad’s. A lovely roast. I would have taken a photo but as always I ate it before I remembered to do so. Not to self will remember next time as my step dad’s roasts are truly special.

I did catch up on Strictly Come Dancing on catch up. So far my favourite is Kelvin Fletcher. Brilliant and outstanding so far. Great replacement. Not seen the results so who knows. Here is his Charleston.

Anyway, I hope you had a good week and weekend. Let me know what you did this weekend and of any places you recommend going to visit, I love such feedback. You can comment below. I love exploring and am so looking forward to visiting a Christmas Market this year. I know, still a few months to go but it isn’t far and so going to enjoy it when it finally comes around.

Here  is another site I post regular blogs on:

So here we are another Tuesday and already its time to put the dinner on. Have a good rest of the week everyone and will post on this site again next week. BYE FOR NOW!

Image result for happy days quote

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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How I save myself time during the days and weeks ahead/A Productive weekend


Alarm clipartsHow I save myself time during the days and weeks ahead is by having A Productive weekend.

What I don’t get completed during the week before the weekend, I get done at the weekends and get myself ahead for the week to come.

I make sure I give myself some time in the morning and evenings to get bits finished, like this morning I did my dusting and on Sunday I cleaned the kitchen so I didn’t have to worry about it too much come Monday.

When I take my shower I have my shower cream, feminine wash and face wash already there near the shower to use and take my towel, moisturizers, clothes and underwear in the bathroom too, so I can take my shower, brush my teeth and put these on, without having to go into another room to do that. I have it all there ready, and it really saves me so much time.

After I have showered before I put my creams and clothes on, I brush my teeth as soon as I get out of the shower, which allows me to drip dry for a few minutes and then towel dry. Again really saves me so much time.

When it comes to scheduling and planning the days and weeks in my notebook and filofaxes I will do this on a Friday and in the week, as soon as I need to add something to them, or I know what I will be doing on those days and weeks ahead.

I put many of my to do’s in my To do’s APP on my phone and I can carry this wherever I go and don’t need to carry around a heavy notebook, same with adding appointments and scheduling my days, I always add these to my Google Calendar.

I use Google Docs to create my Inventory lists, meals plans, my budget which I update regularly to keep myself on track of my finances and my notebook APP to do my shopping lists.

I have shopping lists for:

  • Food
  • Cleaning
  • Items for Henry (my son)

Image result for free images someone writing a shopping list

What I can prepare for dinner that evening I do during the day e.g. Putting vegetables in a saucepan, have the ingredients we need out already near the hob and have a baking tray ready to heat up, should we need the oven that night.

In the evenings I have mugs ready for the night and morning, by the kettle as my husband and I will usually have a cup of tea during the night and then a couple in the morning to help kick start our day.

The Sunday gone I for the first time this part of the year got out our Slow cooker to make a Beef Casserole, which we do intend to do during the autumn and winter months. 

I would recommend a slow cooker to each and every household, as they really help save a lot of time and on a Sunday it is just perfect as I do like to have some chill out time at the weekends too, especially on a Sunday.

So I took advantage and they are great because you can chuck everything in, prepare in the morning and all cooked and ready to service by the afternoon or evening.

All you need is:

Whilst I am cooking I will do some cleaning, do my stretching or catch up on some Youtube, an audio book (check out audible, I love this APP and have quite a few books saved, as you get free credits each month) or listen to Podcast or some music. I will usually select one of my playlists on Youtube


At the moment my favourite Youtube videos to watch are ones done by a lady called Jordan Paige’s. Her Youtube channel is  called FunCheapOrFree.

I absolutely love her videos and content it is so informative and I do use many of her productivity and financial strategies. They really do help.

The other ways I like to save time on days and weeks ahead, and have a productive weekend is also use the free time I have to take my son out, so he can get some fresh air and exercise. If he behaves we go to the park if not we don’t and it is a strategy that does seem to work and our son will behave, he just doesn’t like going into shops at the moment, but we are working on that.

We are having some issues with our son at the moment and I wrote a blog over the weekend called When times are tough talking about it and how I deal with times when parenting can be tough, on my WordPress site: theparentingadventurestipsandtricks

This Sunday just gone we, my husband, son and I, had a lovely walk, walking through our local common which passes the railway line so Henry who loves trains, can see them and watch them as they go by.

We then went for our usual coffee, something we love to do at the weekends especially on a Sunday and then ran some errands.

On the Saturday we took our son to see the local football team, Leatherhead FC. I would recommend this if you and your children love football to go and support your local club or lower league football team, it is a great laugh and doesn’t cost that much at all, if you are like us and can’t always afford to watch a higher league team, then this is a great alternative.

This morning whilst I was waiting to go to my Diabetic Review at my local surgery, used the time to have a coffee, draft up this blog ready to type up for when I got home and then when I was in the surgery waiting to be seen, did some reading and checked some emails.

I also used the time before having a coffee and after my appointment to fit in some walking, as I like to especially since having type 2 diabetes (I was diagnosed last year) like to keep active and one of the ways I like to do this, is by walking.

I regularly post the steps I have done on my Instagram account everydaylivingandlifestyle

On my Facebook account:

I write a blog on called sportsandfitnesspassion where I write about my weekly training and fitness. Check out my last blog on this site called Walking through the pain.

Walking really helps me with creativity and clear the mind.

If you would like to read more about productivity, then I do post a lot about this subject on my WordPress site called, everyonecanbuildacastle.

Check out these posts:

Here is a video by Jordan Paige talking about how she is more productive…without doing more:

She is like my productive and financial guru.

So I really hope you found this blog useful of how you can save time and have a productive weekend.

I would love to hear from others of how you save time?

What methods are used to help you be more productive?

How do you plan and complete your to do’s to get ahead of yourself aswell?

Please share by leaving a comment below.

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Carrie X

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My 41st Birthday


Last Friday the 27th September 2019, it was my 41st birthday. On the Friday I woke up that morning full of energy, so around 6am I was up out of bed, got in the shower, got dressed, made the bed, opened up my birthday cards I received so far and cleaned the kitchen.

My hubby made me a lovely Bacon Sandwich with a cup of tea. I love that first cup of the morning, it really helps to set up my day.

Even the walk to my son’s school and back was a breeze, I didn’t lose my patience once.

Once I got back indoors, I did some training. I write a blog where I talk about my fitness training on my WordPress site:

I did some strength and toning, with dumbbells and then exercised my obliques and legs. Ending in some stretching, whilst listening to some Chill out music. This really helps me to relax and take my time.

I then did some more cleaning after this, and dusted my home, downstairs and up, and did some of my Autumn clean up. I will be writing some blogs on my website carriesrealworld soon. Check out my Seasonal Clean up page on carriesrealworld, of my previous seasonal clean ups, and of my last blog Preparing for the Autumn

Opening up the post received that day, as it doesn’t always arrive early in the morning these days, I received a cheque from Argos. WAHOO!

I couldn’t believe it, plus a lovely card from my Mum and Tot (my Step-dad).

Later on the Friday gone, of my birthday my husband, son and I had some gorgeous Fish N Chips, from our favourite Chip shop, as we do have three good ones to choose from in Epsom, Kingfish, in Horton Centre. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and then finished the evening off with a glass of Old Mout Cider.

On the Saturday, once again I got up early full of energy so I made, my husband and I breakfast, whilst Henry had his breakfast.

Before that my husband kindly gave our son a bath, instead of me doing it. Sometimes as a mum, you do need to delegate and take time out for yourself.

I write blogs on parenting on

We (my husband and I) took our son over to my mum and Tots, who were looking after him for the night and received a lovely card from my Step-sister.

Then returned back to Epsom and found a few things in the charity shops. A new collared beige/brown jumper, a gift set and a set of boys pants aged 5-6 years.

We also visited Poundland, but I am going to share these pieces on other blogs coming soon.

Once dropped these items back home, we then went onto the train to Leatherhead to watch Leatherhead FC vs Bowers and Pitsea FC, and at last, as we have been a bit of jink last two games we went to see Leatherhead FC. Leatherhead won 1-0.

The price of the tickets were £12 each, so total of £24.00. The food is good there too. Not for the healthy gurus, but if you like the occasional burger and chips or Hotdogs, then the quality is pretty good, and doesn’t cost a lot either. We also had a few drinks. The alcoholic kind. Well it was my birthday still, as far as I was concerned.

Travelling back from the football, we went on home and chilled out watching a bit of TV. Only Fools and Horses. Had a cup of tea, a bit more to eat, such as a roll, some crisps and finished with my favourite thing since I was a kid. Good old Cake and Custard.

I also received a lovely surprise. A slip from Royal mail had been put through my letterbox. Both my husband and I were puzzled, as I hadn’t ordered anything and neither did my husband.

It had been delivered next door, and so my husband went to pick it up for me, and saw a big long parcel. It was for me.

I opened it up on Saturday evening, and saw it was a lovely box of fresh flowers from my brother, my sister-in-law and nieces.

So was a lovely surprise.

On the Sunday after I had slept well, as was child free for the night, woke up in the middle of night, really early Sunday morning and had a cup of tea. Eventually I did go back to sleep, I woke up again, still early on Sunday morning and made another cup of tea, did some more of my Autumn Clean up, which I will write a blog about soon, and cleared and cleaned the shelf in our bathroom storage cupboard and cleared the bathroom windowsill.

I did some more training, my Sunday morning training, which I am really enjoying, to some 90’s club hits, then had breakfast made by my husband, went to Colliers Wood.

We stopped in Starbucks whilst we waited for the shop Dunelm to open up.

I had a Classic Hot Chocolate, which is delicious with of course Cream on top and husband had a large Latte.

Then walked to Dunelm, where I could have shopped until I dropped. I am going to share what I bought on my Homewares page (coming soon) on Carriesrealworld.

Then we dropped the car off at my mum and step-dads, home and walked into Wimbledon main shopping area, and checked out some more charity shops where I bought a pair of black tights.

We walked back to my mum and step-dad’s home, where we saw my brother, sister-in-law and nieces and we all had a lovely Sunday dinner together, cooked by my step-dad. I had a glass or two of some red wine and then dessert had crumbled and custard.

All in all it was a bloody good birthday. I have written a blog on my theparentingadventurestipsandtricks site, about Celebrating Birthdays.

Please check out my previous blog on this site, called What a dreadful day if you haven’t already.

If you would like to keep up to date with my blogs on this site, then you can do so by following me on I would love to hear from you if you too celebrated a birthday this weekend, and how did you celebrate it?

You can leave a comment below. I also write blogs on this WordPress site too:

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Carrie X

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