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15 Everyday Things You Should Do Differently in 2019


Check out this video by The Financial Diet of 15 Everyday things you should do differently in 2019.

She gives some fantastic advise on how to do things differently for 2019.

Meal Planning at Christmas


This year my husband will be cooking dinner, I do cook too, but when it comes to roast dinners my husband is the chef in our house.

We already have our Turkey in the freezer, we have gone for a frozen turkey breast from Iceland’s, the grocery store.

Turkey joint icelands

When it comes to planning our meals we buy it ahead of time, to miss the Christmas rush and then it just the case of cooking it all and serving.

I don’t like to rush around and so getting Christmas food already is the key to stop any overwhelming problems.

Check out this post on mumsnet:

Then it is gift wrapping, I like to do it altogether and I am planning on doing my wrapping these next two day’s, it will be fun as I got to look after my son at the same time and he probably want to play catch or some other activity but we see how we go.

I have even found some mini Christmas cakes from Tesco’s yesterday and some mini Christmas puddings aswell. The Christmas cakes were £2 and the little Christmas Puddings were a pound.

I came across this video about meal planning for Christmas. Check it out below:

So I wish you all have fabulous Christmas and don’t panic it is only one day a year.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Watch “How to Master Your Money & Set Yourself Free with Amanda Steinberg” on YouTube


Check out this video about How to Master your money and Set Yourself Free.

It always good to refresh our minds over money. I am guilty of those instant splurges forgetting I have bills to pay, but watching these types of videos reminds me of how to look after those pennies, and it is so simple.


End of another week


Image result for the weekend cartoon images

It is Friday once again, and I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I am.

I started my new job this week, as a Nursery Practitioner and it is good to have a fresh start of something new to get my teeth into, but been tiring at the same time.

I am looking forward to tomorrow evening as I am out having a meal with my family and during the day, my husband and I are off to see a show “Bat out of Hell”, to celebrate my birthday.

I am now officially a 40 year old woman. How does that make me feel?

That I feel I have a lot more to explore.

Also Strictly Come Dancing continues tomorrow and I will be watching on catch up, on the BBC iPlayer. I’ve been having dreams about being on the show, I truly love it, my favourite on TV.

So far I have been impressed with the performances, and think a lot of them could be possible winners. I think it such a great show especially for Saturday night TV.

It is also a relief not to do the school run for two days, as boy I never realised how stressful it could be, as getting my son dressed isn’t always stress free, so time of the school run I am a anxious wreck.

I have written about in my other blog website, about being continuously anxious:

Do you get stressed when it comes to school run?

What you up to this weekend?

I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X




Career change and music


Please check out my new blog on my website:

We have had some success with Henry with the toilet training, and thought I would share because I know other parents are going through the same thing and wanted to help through my blogs the best I can on such topics.

It has gone so quickly this time last week I was doing a First Aid course, as I am now going to be a Nursery Assistant at a local nursery close to where I live and I am looking forward to the new change or career. It was what I wanted to do for a long time and pleased that I persisted and now going to be doing this type of job.

The good thing about my new adventure I can choose what hours I want to do, which works perfectly with my current lifestyle. It is tricky to juggle everything, but what I have learned, you find a way.

I was sad to hear that Aretha Franklin died, such a singing legend, and want to pay a tribute to her and share my favourite song of hers. See below. 

Happy birthday to Madonna, who I have been a fan of for so long, my favourite song is I’m Crazy For You.

Music has been a massive part of my life that I couldn’t imagine my life without it, and it’s artists like Aretha Franklin, Madonna and my boys Bon Jovi that have kept it revolving.

What does music mean to you? and what is your favourite Aretha Franklin and Madonna song? Have you had a change in career and what did it feel like?

I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Zero Waste


Check out this article which lists 10 ways you can reduce waste.

I find articles like this really inspiring and helps me use more, waste less.

What do you do to reduce waste? I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X