Fashion, Beauty and Skincare/My 5 favourite face products

Hi and welcome to another post where I am sharing some face products I love that are good for the skin and have a great texture to them, I always relay on certain brands like Nivea and Simple check out My 5 Favourite Products below: Facial washes I can not use soaps as I sufferContinue reading “Fashion, Beauty and Skincare/My 5 favourite face products”


YES, YES, YES! For the first time ever I am going to be doing Blogmas, where I will be posting a blog either on this site, on my main site or my other WordPress sites (see links to these below): This will be everyday from tomorrow the 1st December toContinue reading “BLOGMAS IS HERE! POSTING EVERYDAY FROM TOMORROW 1ST OF DEC TO THE 25TH DEC 2019”

A Great Weekend

Last weekend was brilliant celebrating my friends 40th birthday last Saturday. We had a little hiccup, where by our hotel accommodation was moved, and we ended up staying instead of So Arch Hotel, stayed at the So Kings Cross hotel. Would not recommend the room was very basic, at a cost of £107.40 and theContinue reading “A Great Weekend”

Looking back on 2018

Looking back and reflecting on 2018, it hasn’t been a bad year, with lots of memories to look back on. Taking Henry to the seaside was something I wanted to do this year and we got to do it, check out my blog post I wrote about visiting Selsey to see Henry’s cousins and extended family.Continue reading “Looking back on 2018”

Shop bought Mulled Wine

Shopping in ASDA last weekend, no I am not sponsored, as I try to avoid the shops as we get nearer to Christmas, as I can’t stand the chaos, I saw that ASDA were doing Mulled Wine for £2.75. It was delicious, definitely a bargain and worth the price. The Turkey Breast Joint and GammonContinue reading “Shop bought Mulled Wine”

My Favourite Christmas Films

My favourite films at Christmas is You’ve go mail with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, I just love the innocence of the movie and how they finally realise that they already know each other. Then Mary Poppins, the old version, not the new one that has just been released. I am sorry but you can’tContinue reading “My Favourite Christmas Films”

Strictly Come Dancing Final

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Strictly Come Dancing final last night, but sad that it had to end. I predicted ages ago in a former blog post that Kevin and Stacey would win. They did have a fantastic partnership and I thought that Craig’s (one of the strictly judges) scores were pretty harsh, I lovedContinue reading “Strictly Come Dancing Final”

Riding on the Watercressline and a visit to the cinema

Last weekend we took a trip to Alresford to ride on the Watercressline in Hampshire, The Santa Special, at 12:15 and back again. It was a bit of a trip to get to, about hour and half, not the best day weather wise, but still a great trip, and look who popped by Santa ClausContinue reading “Riding on the Watercressline and a visit to the cinema”

Meal for a Tenner Review

I posted a blog about a Meal for a tenner and so here is my review on it. We tried the ones at Tesco and was very impressed, but not with Marks and Spencers which we tried last Saturday. It was lovely meal, but both my husband and I didn’t go much on the Rose wineContinue reading “Meal for a Tenner Review”