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Visit up to the Southbank


It has been a really good bank holiday, so much so we decided to go the Oak Furniture in New Malden today and purchased a new sofa, for our Living Room.

I will post about this and show a photo on my Seasonal Clean up page, on Once it all arrives.

On Saturday we took a trip to one of our favourite places, the Southbank in London, and they had a food festival going on, as there were a lot of food market stalls, going along the Southbank as you reach the Millennium bridge.

It was good weather too, not too hot or cold, and we walked up to Southwark Bridge then made our way back to Waterloo Station.

We popped in the festival hall on the way there and back aswell, because this is great place if you need the toilet and want to grab a drink or two.

I never get tired of going to the Southbank, but it does get very busy up there now, especially because this is the last bank holiday for the UK, until Christmas.

What did you do this bank holiday?

I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Relieved about Christmas


It is two days since Christmas and I can already feel the relief that this year is all done. Well almost. Next it will be new years.

I try to avoid the shops this time of year because how busy it all gets, just too many people, and a lot of rushing around.

I just want to take it easy post Christmas and make the most of the time I have with my family and husband.

I also like to have like I do from Autumn to spring is have a clear out. Today it was clearing out my inbox to one of my google email accounts. It just gets so out of hand.

It feels good to have a clear out and I have decided, my first new years resolution, to go through my emails weekly and have regular clear out so it doesn’t pile up. I will be making more resolutions as I get nearer to the new year.

So how do you feel after Christmas? Are you like me and relieved?

Do you make new years resolutions? what are they?

I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie  X


Meal Review and my day out in LONDON


Went to Bills restaurant in Epsom for lunch two Sundays ago and I said I would report back.

I had Steak and chips. Was nice, you don’t get much of a portion, for the price you pay, but still nice food. I had a lovely Honeycomb cheesecake, for dessert. Sorry for no picture, I ate it before I remembered to take one, but if I go there again, I will definitely order this again, at which I will take a photo.

See picture of my meal below:

I took photo after eating a bit of my meal, and just remembered to take a photo.

Today I took my son up London to meet my mum for lunch up in London, and spent sometime in St James Park, and found this gorgeous black swan.

I love taking the train to places in the week helps break up the days, and both my son and I get so much out of the places we go to.

St James Park is a gorgeous place to go and have a spot of lunch when the weather is good and the sun is shining.

I watched Strictly last night and wasn’t surprised by the result and loved the ending of Doctor Foster they have to bring back another series, and looking forward to watching more of Liar too, as there has to be another twist coming along.

I will be adding some new posts to my Seasonal Clean ups page, on

As I go through the weeks aswell, so look out for those to come.

Many thanks for reading,



Carrie X




Ground Force day


Hi today I did some gardening no clue really what I was doing but with help from my mum always my saviour, I managed to plant 4 flowering plants with one in water ready to put in my lawn for tomorrow.

Some flowers I had planted

I admit I am not gonna start acting as if I could give Alan Titmarsh a run for his money, but it’s a start.

Anyone who wants to learn how to garden has got to start somewhere​ so see how they grow, must remember to water some more tonight and tomorrow as we are on holiday.

I am so in need of seeing some sea and be near a beach. No more rain not in Bournemouth anyway so I can actually walk along the coast and have proper fish ‘n’ chips.

I have packed and trying to follow advise from hubby pack light, so I have. Three summer dresses, leggins, skirt and vest top. Sports bra, workout top, bottoms and one pair of shoes and flip flops and gonna wear my trainers there with one spare pair of socks. 

So it’s just my hand luggage to sort as well do hubbies cards as it’s his birthday on Thursday.

I will post during or after holiday to share my so needed vacation. I hope if you are away you enjoy yours too.

Many thanks for reading,
Carrie x 

Getting Ahead of myself


Please go over to my main website, where I talk more about this week at 

I want to get ahead of myself this year. So this week I am dedicating to Valentines Day.

Less than a month away, and I will be creating videos too, leading up to the day.

I used to be so resentful when it came to valentines, I saw it as a waste of money, and it’s only created for companies to get more money out of people.

However as I have gotten older, and I would like to think wiser, I do see it differently.

It is how you make it that matters.

I use it as a way for myself and hubby to treat each other, and this year we are going to make gifts for one another this year.

You don’t have to spend money, but if you did want to get a little something or decorate your home to celebrate the day, then there are some good low cost items.

I will be showing some good gift ideas in a video soon.

Plus giving tips on “How to meet someone”.

I have been married for over 10 years now, and no I am not an expert at relationships, and I was never a girl whom had loads of boyfriends. I suffered with social anxiety and to beat fears of meeting someone, you need to get yourself out of the house.

Being within 4 walls isn’t gonna make yourself feel better.

Check out Amazon for some great Valentines Decor and gifts, they always have such a good collection.

Happy Valentines Day Personalised Teddy Heart Chocolate Bar 100g Personalised Teddy Heart Chocolate

Check out gift above from Amazon, Happy Valentines Personalised Teddy Heart Chocolate bar  for £3.94 by Gift Rush.

Themed Cushions, this can be bought for Valentines or for a Wedding Anniversary coming up. If it happens to be on the same day, then why not celebrate by adding these to your home.

Price: £2.99 by Omiky.

Or why not check out Poundland they always have some great items for valentines, and I got a lot of items from there last year that I used. I gave one to my husband for fathers day aswell as valentines day.

Valentine's Day Heart Cushion

Check out this cushion for example, great if you don’t wanna pay over £2 from Amazon, as what I would say is check delivery, when ordering items from Amazon, to see how long it will take. Remember that if you become a Prime member you can get a lot of items next day delivery free of charge, or even on the same day, depending on where it is shipped from.

If Poundland is on your doorstep then it is worth checking it out, for those fun and quirky gifts and home decor.

Valentine's Day Memory Box

Check out this Valentines Day Memory box, from Poundland, great to store some keepsakes; those photos from when you first met up until present, or a gift your partner first bought you.

My advice is to have fun and not to take it seriously. I see these yearly occasions to have fun and celebrate them with who ever you love.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X