Food and Beverage/Meal idea/Thai Green Curry

So I love a curry and whilst out with my mun for lunch I had a gorgeous bowl of Thai Green curry and wanted to make a version at home. I cheated slightly by using a jar of sauce and packet microwave vegetable rice and added some extra veg to give it a twist.  Continue reading “Food and Beverage/Meal idea/Thai Green Curry”

Talking shopping and meal ideas

Hi all Talking Shopping and Meal Ideas today as I love this sort of content and filming it. My favourite meal of the day is my dinner and I do like to plan my meals for the week and each day. I may not always write them down but I do still like to haveContinue reading “Talking shopping and meal ideas”

My 41st Birthday

Last Friday the 27th September 2019, it was my 41st birthday. On the Friday I woke up that morning full of energy, so around 6am I was up out of bed, got in the shower, got dressed, made the bed, opened up my birthday cards I received so far and cleaned the kitchen. My hubbyContinue reading “My 41st Birthday”

Celebrating Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. Me and my hubby don’t really celebrate the day as such, but I will cook dinner tonight as per normal. I have never really celebrated Valentines Day I did make the effort when it was the year of mine and my husband 10 year anniversary, but apart from that IContinue reading “Celebrating Valentines Day”

Visit up to the Southbank

It has been a really good bank holiday, so much so we decided to go the Oak Furniture in New Malden today and purchased a new sofa, for our Living Room. I will post about this and show a photo on my Seasonal Clean up page, on Once it all arrives. On Saturday weContinue reading “Visit up to the Southbank”

Relieved about Christmas

It is two days since Christmas and I can already feel the relief that this year is all done. Well almost. Next it will be new years. I try to avoid the shops this time of year because how busy it all gets, just too many people, and a lot of rushing around. I justContinue reading “Relieved about Christmas”

Meal Review and my day out in LONDON

Went to Bills restaurant in Epsom for lunch two Sundays ago and I said I would report back. I had Steak and chips. Was nice, you don’t get much of a portion, for the price you pay, but still nice food. I had a lovely Honeycomb cheesecake, for dessert. Sorry for no picture, I ateContinue reading “Meal Review and my day out in LONDON”