I not only write blogs but I also have written a few books too:

The parenting adventures pregnancy to the first nine months coverI am in the process of rewriting this book, and so not published at the moment, as I want to change and update it a little since it was first written.

It is telling my story of being pregnant for the first time to having my baby and what it has been like up to when he was 9 months old.






Below is my second book of The Parenting Adventures, sharing my experience and what I have learned since becoming a parent through baby to toddler years.

You can often feel alone when becoming a parent, but this book is to make you understand that you are not alone and sharing details of what it is like to bring up a baby who becomes a toddler and giving tips and advice on taking time out from parenting, to celebrating their birthdays, to development and more…

cover of my book

This book is available in paperback and kindle.

I have also written a novel, called A Lonely Walk to Happiness. This is about a young girl who is battling with an eating disorder, her mum has a car crash and is getting cyber bullied by her so-called best friend and her mates.

Her mums bestfriend ends up taking care of her, but has some sad news of her own at which she struggles to come to terms with herself.

This is a fictional book based on real issues, that I hope others can relate too, but gives them hope to turn their lives around and that depression and any kind of mental issue can effect everyone no matter who they are.

The other book I have written is a biographical type of book, about my life growing up in Peabody Estate in Hammersmith, and what it was like. Hammersmith, Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, and London itself during the Peabody years was so different to now, and they have changed quite drastically since I was a kid growing up and spending a lot of time in these places as a kid and teenager.

I had some hard times, being bullied in the estate and at school, plus some good times and memories too, which will last forever. I really hope you like this book and brings back some memories for you too.


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