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Career change and music


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We have had some success with Henry with the toilet training, and thought I would share because I know other parents are going through the same thing and wanted to help through my blogs the best I can on such topics.

It has gone so quickly this time last week I was doing a First Aid course, as I am now going to be a Nursery Assistant at a local nursery close to where I live and I am looking forward to the new change or career. It was what I wanted to do for a long time and pleased that I persisted and now going to be doing this type of job.

The good thing about my new adventure I can choose what hours I want to do, which works perfectly with my current lifestyle. It is tricky to juggle everything, but what I have learned, you find a way.

I was sad to hear that Aretha Franklin died, such a singing legend, and want to pay a tribute to her and share my favourite song of hers. See below. 

Happy birthday to Madonna, who I have been a fan of for so long, my favourite song is I’m Crazy For You.

Music has been a massive part of my life that I couldn’t imagine my life without it, and it’s artists like Aretha Franklin, Madonna and my boys Bon Jovi that have kept it revolving.

What does music mean to you? and what is your favourite Aretha Franklin and Madonna song? Have you had a change in career and what did it feel like?

I would love to hear from you.

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Carrie X