THE FIRST BLOG FOR BLOGMAS! Make your own Advent Calendar and bring romance back this Christmas!

HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE FIRST BLOG FOR BLOGMAS! If you didn’t know I will be posting blogs on one or more (seeing how it goes) of my blogging sites for 25 days from today until Christmas day. THAT IS A WHOLE LOT OF BLOGGING BUT I AM SO READY SOOO LETS GO The firstContinue reading “THE FIRST BLOG FOR BLOGMAS! Make your own Advent Calendar and bring romance back this Christmas!”

How I save myself time and money

Almost wrote this on the wrong site, but in some way this information can apply to parenting too, because lets face it being a mum or dad you are juggling a lot of things. it can be very much a balancing act. I have been posting on this site on a Sunday, but thought whilstContinue reading “How I save myself time and money”

Stress free Christmas/Get ahead of yourself

I love blogging on a Sunday so I think I am going to continue to do so for this blog as Sunday’s is more or less a free day for me at the moment so going to make the most of it. Last week I started a new job so couldn’t blog as much asContinue reading “Stress free Christmas/Get ahead of yourself”

Why I meal plan and how?

Planning meals is very important to me, I don’t bother with breakfast or lunch, but focus on dinner time, as that what works for me. Meal planning for me is essential, as we do end up splurging on food that didn’t get used, and that ends up in the bin. So meal planning to meContinue reading “Why I meal plan and how?”

A Trip To Southampton

It was a brilliant new year, one I shall never forget. We traveled to Southampton to see my husband’s parents. Firstly when we arrived we took my husbands real mum and her husband for a coffee in a place called Woolston. Not that many shops, but there is the Woolston Cafe there and they doContinue reading “A Trip To Southampton”

My Favourite Christmas Films

My favourite films at Christmas is You’ve go mail with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, I just love the innocence of the movie and how they finally realise that they already know each other. Then Mary Poppins, the old version, not the new one that has just been released. I am sorry but you can’tContinue reading “My Favourite Christmas Films”

Celebrating my birthday

Last weekend I celebrated my 40th birthday. How do I feel? I feel OK, I not allowing the negative thoughts about it come through, the thoughts of “I haven’t achieved everything I wanted and age and time are catching up with me”, ┬ábut I still got time to achieve all that I want, instead. OnContinue reading “Celebrating my birthday”

Visiting Wisley Gardens

Last Sunday as it was coming up to my nieces 11th birthday, we celebrated by having a picnic in Wisley Gardens. Such a beautiful place to visit with it lovely flowers, plants, ponds and a cafe where you can have a drink and enjoy the scenery. There is even a play area for children toContinue reading “Visiting Wisley Gardens”

Getting things done

Thank the world that it is finally the weekend, and I have so much to do this week arising, because my son is starting school. YIKES! I have been watching a lot of videos by Jordan Page, on how she schedules her weeks and days, by following a Block Schedule system, check this out below:Continue reading “Getting things done”

A trip to Kingston

Yesterday we (my mum and I) took my son Henry to Kingston Upon Thames, it isn’t that far from where we live and can easily take a overground train there or get there by various buses, check out the TFL website for information. It was nice weather, not too hot or cold, and we lookedContinue reading “A trip to Kingston”