I am glad that Christmas isn’t everyday

I was going over what to write in this weeks blog and the song “I wish it could be Christmas everyday” by Wizzard came into my head, because in thinking about this song, I am glad that Christmas isn’t everyday. If it were we all be skint by the first week of January and moreContinue reading “I am glad that Christmas isn’t everyday”

My 41st Birthday

Last Friday the 27th September 2019, it was my 41st birthday. On the Friday I woke up that morning full of energy, so around 6am I was up out of bed, got in the shower, got dressed, made the bed, opened up my birthday cards I received so far and cleaned the kitchen. My hubbyContinue reading “My 41st Birthday”

Money saving tips

The one thing I try and do this time of the year is to save as much money as much as I can, as I know this is a busy season for me with birthdays coming up and then Christmas. I like to save money by not paying full price on anything, so if IContinue reading “Money saving tips”