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Watch “HOW TO STOP SPENDING MONEY 💸 (15 tips to stop impulse shopping + save money with minimalism)” on YouTube

Watch “HOW TO STOP SPENDING MONEY 💸 (15 tips to stop impulse shopping + save money with minimalism)” on YouTube


DAY 12:

I’m starting this blog whilst waiting to help take my son to his school church service today, it is amazing how you can use such little time to do bits and bobs, Thank the lord for APPS AND SMART PHONES!

Image result for free images of apps and phones

This time of year we can spend, spend, spend, and be anxious at the same time because we are getting into debt as we do so. yet we have all these gifts to buy and birthdays too, like in my world, yet how can we save money and stop spending so we have more of it, without being out of pocket?

Please watch this video below about How to stop spending money, with 15 tips to stop impulse shopping and save money with minimalism.

This video is by Home Happy Life and they do great content like the video above.

I do believe you should treat yourself but if you are doing it 3 or 4 times a day, or you can’t just buy the one item and you feel that guilt where you know it will damage your self esteem and effect your relationships, which in turn leads to regret, then it isn’t a treat at all.


A treat doesn’t have to be a materialistic thing it can be anything,

Tips to treat yourself with less spending or even for free


So I hope this helps you with trying to not impulse buy, stop spending and save, and if you have other tips then please share if you wish. All comments can be shared below.

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I hope you have a good rest of the day and many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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Relieved about Christmas


It is two days since Christmas and I can already feel the relief that this year is all done. Well almost. Next it will be new years.

I try to avoid the shops this time of year because how busy it all gets, just too many people, and a lot of rushing around.

I just want to take it easy post Christmas and make the most of the time I have with my family and husband.

I also like to have like I do from Autumn to spring is have a clear out. Today it was clearing out my inbox to one of my google email accounts. It just gets so out of hand.

It feels good to have a clear out and I have decided, my first new years resolution, to go through my emails weekly and have regular clear out so it doesn’t pile up. I will be making more resolutions as I get nearer to the new year.

So how do you feel after Christmas? Are you like me and relieved?

Do you make new years resolutions? what are they?

I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie  X


Christmas is upon us


It is the 21st of December and not being smug, and not trying to cause alarm to others, but I am all set for the festive cheer.

Christmas prezzies all bought and taken over to nannies and all there is left is to drive over on Christmas Day, to stay at my mums for Christmas.

I have been enjoying watching a film of an evening whilst snuggled up in bed.

Watched an old classic yesterday “Romance In The Stone” Starring Micheal Douglas.

Not sure what is on tonight but I hope there is a classic film on.

I enjoyed the strictly come dancing final, and was surprised by the winner, but definitely deserved.

I was a bit miffed with the final of the apprentice. It should have been one winner not both and was a cop out in my book.

I am loving the new song by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds- Holy Mountain.

Great song, my song for this part of the year and one I have not stopped playing.

What is your song for this part of the year that you have heard? I would love to hear from you.

Looking forward to when the new series of The Voice, Ollie Muirs will be joining the coaching panel this year. Will be interesting.

Then we will be heading into a new year, so I will post again during the week to summon up 2017 before reflecting on the new year ahead.

So until then have a good Christmas and I will post as we head into the new year.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Christmas Music


It is 12 days until Christmas and I thought I was done until I realized I had some chocolate father Christmases that I was supposed to give out last year but didn’t so will be giving these to some special people this Christmas. It is OK they are still in date but I only have 4 so I need an another one.

Apart from that I am all done. I have all my decor done, and all gifts appart from one wrapped in tissue paper and gift bags. So the next stage is to deliver them all.

I have been posting some new blogs on my website:


As I have updated my fitness diary page, about my mojo back for training.

Posted a new blog on my website:


Talking about how to keep those nasty bugs and bay.

I have been listening to some Christmas music and watched this documentary on Youtube about the making of Band Aid check it out on Youtube.

I always think about the Band Aid song and play it at this time of year, to remember how music tried to make a different to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

It is amazing music can bring so many people together and what good it does and what it did was amazing.

I have been watching Strictly Come Dancing, and predicted that it would be Molly and AJ that would be out, as Debbie McGee and Alexandra Burke were for me the best two of the night.

I am off out now but I will blog what I have been up to next week, until then many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

I love a Christmas Market


It is Wednesday already I had a lovely weekend in Southampton seeing my husband’s family, they had a Christmas Market on which I love and had a drink in the German Bar they had there.

This morning I woke up feeling groggy no idea why, but my son has this weekend not been well, had a bit of a tummy bug so perhaps I caught part of it. I am okay now, I have posted some pictures of my husband’s and I Christmas Home Decor along with our new lights we have purchases. Check out my Seasonal clean up page.

I have also written a book review of the book I read called The Secret of a Slummy Mummy, which I really enjoyed. Click above to read.

I watched Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday night still and what a show it was, the theme was musicals, thoroughly enjoyable I thought Debbie McGee was outstanding, I hope I can move as good as she can, I think could be a finalist.

I have been watching a lot of football aswell the past few days as my husband’s team Southampton, played on Sunday and my son is obsessed with Sky Sports. Thank the lord we have the NOW TV box.

I am so looking forward to Christmas this year and I have completed all my shopping, yay. So super happy, and already have started playing Christmas music. So I hope you have had a good week so far until next week.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Getting ready for Christmas


It is Friday and I am off, hooray. So nice not to have to rush around getting ready for work, even though this is also kind of my work, but it feels more like a hobby rather than work as I enjoy blogging so much.

I have just done my gift guide for babies and toddlers check out my WordPress site:


All I need is two more people to buy gifts for, for Christmas and then got to get two birthday gifts. It is a busy time of year that today my hubby and I off to Southampton today to visit my husband’s family.

Henry will  be spending some time with my parents my side, whilst we take the long drive to Hampshire.

I am so getting into the spirit of Christmas that today I am playing for the first time this year some Christmas music. I don’t have a specific song that I like my husband loves the song called “I wish I could home for Christmas”.

I have all my decorations up which I will take photos of and put on my seasonal clear up page, soon.

I wish everyone a great week and see you all next week.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Birthdays and Christmas


It has been a busy month with it being my son’s birthday last weekend, aswell as my brothers and my mums.

Halloween has been and gone, along with fireworks night. I didn’t do any trickle treating, but a few little ones near where I live, did and didn’t go to any fireworks displays. I prefer to  be cozy at home and indoors.

For my son’s birthday we took him with some friends to Flipout in Wandsworth, which I would recommend as it is great way for all the children to have fun, for a couple of hours.

I have been loving a new song called Whisky Tango, by Jack Savoretti. Check out video below:

And have been listening to some great classics too, beginning with George Michael’s song, such as the song A Different Corner.

And Wham song called Everything she wants. Just a few of George Michael’s classics.

In Strictly Come Dancing I got to say I do miss Bryan Conley as he had the fun factor and now the competition is hotting up I think the rest of the celebs are taking it quite seriously. I nevertheless am still loving the show.

I have no interest in the X Factor whatsoever. I have been watching repeats of Only Fools And Horses and Friends on my Now TV box.

I have now posted some  pictures of my Halloween decoration on my Seasonal Clear up page on Carriesrealworld.com

I will post more of my home makeover as we now have new curtains and lights. We have started to decorate for Christmas too.

I am going to  post a few gift guides coming soon, to help with ideas of what to do for Christmas this year.

So have a good rest of the weekend everyone and please let me know what you have been up to too.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie x