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Good old clear out


Hi everyone decided to post on a Saturday for a change as I usually have to work on a Saturday so making the most of my day off, to post.

I have written a new post on my blog site:


Talking about returning to work after having a child.

I have also written a new blog on my Tales of my travels page one Carriesrealworld.com sharing some new finds I have discovered in London.

I am in the process of having a clear out of my home as I like to start doing this time of year, and going through my clothes, paperwork, emails, draws and cupboards, to begin a fresh for each season. I am going to have a good clear out this time round as want a real less cluttered home and so going to be super ruthless this time.

Check out my Season Clear ups page.

I just look around and see that there are things that I have bought thinking I will get around in using that but never do.

I really want to give my home a make over, and a good proper one.

I have been catching up on my T.V aswell. I loved Liar this week , unfortunately I didn’t manage to see the second one, but watched the third episode where we find out who is the Liar. It has to continue on as not being a spoiler whom ever is lying has got to be found out.

I also watched Doctor Foster, good turn of events and can’t wait to see what happens next same with Cold Feet, loved the episode last night and didn’t expect it to end as it did, I think Jimmy Nesbitt’s character I think is going to get a shock and a broken heart.

I am so pleased Strictly is back, I think first show was brilliant and Debbie McGee’s Paso was the best I have seen and it only first week, look forward to see what else she does tonight definitely a contender to the final got to be.

I had a good birthday, had a quiet meal indoors, went for a meal today with my husband and son, and tomorrow out for lunch with my husband, son, my mum and step dad, at a restaurant called Bills, which I hear do really nice food. I will report back and tell you what I think.

Until then have a good rest of the weekend people I will blog again next week.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X