A Great Weekend

Last weekend was brilliant celebrating my friends 40th birthday last Saturday. We had a little hiccup, where by our hotel accommodation was moved, and we ended up staying instead of So Arch Hotel, stayed at the So Kings Cross hotel. Would not recommend the room was very basic, at a cost of £107.40 and theContinue reading “A Great Weekend”

A Trip To Southampton

It was a brilliant new year, one I shall never forget. We traveled to Southampton to see my husband’s parents. Firstly when we arrived we took my husbands real mum and her husband for a coffee in a place called Woolston. Not that many shops, but there is the Woolston Cafe there and they doContinue reading “A Trip To Southampton”

Celebrating my birthday

Last weekend I celebrated my 40th birthday. How do I feel? I feel OK, I not allowing the negative thoughts about it come through, the thoughts of “I haven’t achieved everything I wanted and age and time are catching up with me”,  but I still got time to achieve all that I want, instead. OnContinue reading “Celebrating my birthday”

A trip to Kingston

Yesterday we (my mum and I) took my son Henry to Kingston Upon Thames, it isn’t that far from where we live and can easily take a overground train there or get there by various buses, check out the TFL website for information. It was nice weather, not too hot or cold, and we lookedContinue reading “A trip to Kingston”

Visit up to the Southbank

It has been a really good bank holiday, so much so we decided to go the Oak Furniture in New Malden today and purchased a new sofa, for our Living Room. I will post about this and show a photo on my Seasonal Clean up page, on http://www.carriesrealworld.com Once it all arrives. On Saturday weContinue reading “Visit up to the Southbank”

Meal Review and my day out in LONDON

Went to Bills restaurant in Epsom for lunch two Sundays ago and I said I would report back. I had Steak and chips. Was nice, you don’t get much of a portion, for the price you pay, but still nice food. I had a lovely Honeycomb cheesecake, for dessert. Sorry for no picture, I ateContinue reading “Meal Review and my day out in LONDON”