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Getting ready for Christmas


It is Friday and I am off, hooray. So nice not to have to rush around getting ready for work, even though this is also kind of my work, but it feels more like a hobby rather than work as I enjoy blogging so much.

I have just done my gift guide for babies and toddlers check out my WordPress site:


All I need is two more people to buy gifts for, for Christmas and then got to get two birthday gifts. It is a busy time of year that today my hubby and I off to Southampton today to visit my husband’s family.

Henry will  be spending some time with my parents my side, whilst we take the long drive to Hampshire.

I am so getting into the spirit of Christmas that today I am playing for the first time this year some Christmas music. I don’t have a specific song that I like my husband loves the song called “I wish I could home for Christmas”.

I have all my decorations up which I will take photos of and put on my seasonal clear up page, soon.

I wish everyone a great week and see you all next week.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X