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My Morning Routine


A typical routine for me, is dependent on if I am working at a nursery or not. I work part time as a Nursery Practitioner. A routine for me is essential and helps keep me structured.

I am a early bird always have been, not through choice but through my automatic body clock. I usually wake up between 4:3O to 5:30am and get up between 6-6:30am.

Getting up early is important to me as it does help me get my arse in gear and get on with my day. I will often now do some work on my blogs in the morning before my son gets up. Not always a success but it does help to get on with something in the morning it just gives me that boost of energy.

When my husband is off which is not always the case, I do take advantage and do some early morning cleaning, or we go out to the shops early, and helps spread out the rest of the day.

So what is your morning routine? Do you get up early too?

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X