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Sunny days


It has been a good Friday so far, my husband is off work so we used the time to visit Sutton, a town in London, to do a few errands. We had to get a costume for our son Henry as he needs it for a birthday party he is going to, and to buy some birthday presents and cards.

I did pop in the Primark but I tend to avoid it during the day because how busy it gets, so as soon I popped in I walked out again, but going to pop back another day, as I saw they were doing T-Shirts for £2.50.

I have been watching a lot of hack videos, check out my web page, Seasonal Clean ups where I have posted some cleaning hack videos I found on Youtube, and posted some mum hacks I discovered on Youtube on my website:


I tend to watch a lot of Youtube now rather than TV, but I am still watching the show called This Time Next Year with Davina McCall, as I do find those kind of programs inspiring.

It supposed to be a nice weather bank holiday this weekend, so I going to make the most of that.

What are you up to this weekend? I love to hear.

Anyway have a good bank holiday and will post again next week.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

What Fridays mean to me


Friday some people will be clock watching for their final day at work to finish so they can get ready for the weekend ahead.

For me I look forward to spending time with my husband and my son. I do like my Wednesdays and Fridays as it is time for myself, and I use it as a way to catch up on my projects like my new book which is soon to be published, I will let you know when and catch up on my blogs.

Fridays was at one time the day I would go out for the evening, when I worked up in London, and would do the same sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday, as I would follow a rugby team.

I like how my life has changed, sometimes it can feel sad that it has, but I like how my life is now and the people who are in it. It is my day to catch up on my “to do’s” and chill as it is the end of the week.

How do you like to spend your Friday I would love to hear.

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Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X