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Get Inspired


Hello and welcome to a new midweek blog. I have a new Haul Video up on my YouTube Channel, which is a Poundland Haul video. I am  showing some lovely stickers, stocking fillers and some notebooks I have bought to use for my planners.

Check it out below, and here is a link to my channel to see all my videos I have posted.


I have added the video to my other website http://www.carriesrealworld.com on my Hauls Page.

I have just written a new blog on The Parenting adventures site, about my son and how much he has grown and developed, now he is coming up to 3 years old.

If you read my blog I wrote on Carriesrealworld.com you would have read that I have fallen in love with a new type of music. I am still obsessed, I am into Annie Moses Band music, and there is one particular song that I am constantly playing, which when you click above highlighted in blue, on Annie Moses Band; it will take you to this song on YouTube.

It is amazing how such a tune can suddenly take over your vision. I am someone who when I become a fan of something. That is it, I am a fan, and I will be loyal and will contribute to that item I am a fan of, by buying an album or saving to see them in concert for example.

I now am going to find out if they are ever coming over to the UK and see if I can go and see them in concert.

I have also been doing a lot of soul searching and looking into new ways to help build myself. I have my hubpages article up and ready to read see link:


It is about Paranoia and how it can be such an emotional demon to us at times, and how to address Paranoia and deal with those feelings.

I have been watching a lot of videos for inspiration, on building myself and my career, and I came across these videos by a guy called Lewis Howes, who like himself speaks to a lot of entrepreneurs, and interviews people like, Tony Robbins, whom to me is so inspiring and speaks what we all know is true, but often we don’t see it.

He makes it so obvious to why sometimes we get stuck in a rut. It is an emotional trap we get into when we continuously feel  we aren’t going anywhere. I wanted to share one of his interviews below, with the guy himself Tony Robbins. If you want to learn about Financial Freedom, creating an empire, dealing with emotional dilemmas, watch these videos. Truly inspiring.

So my son has now woken from his nap. I was writing this before and after I picked him up from nursery, which is always when he sleeps. So I have to go, but I will blog again on Friday on my other site Carriesrealworld.com, and will be posting more on my other sites too, on WordPress.com




So until then have a good rest of the week.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X