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Birthdays and Christmas


It has been a busy month with it being my son’s birthday last weekend, aswell as my brothers and my mums.

Halloween has been and gone, along with fireworks night. I didn’t do any trickle treating, but a few little ones near where I live, did and didn’t go to any fireworks displays. I prefer to  be cozy at home and indoors.

For my son’s birthday we took him with some friends to Flipout in Wandsworth, which I would recommend as it is great way for all the children to have fun, for a couple of hours.

I have been loving a new song called Whisky Tango, by Jack Savoretti. Check out video below:

And have been listening to some great classics too, beginning with George Michael’s song, such as the song A Different Corner.

And Wham song called Everything she wants. Just a few of George Michael’s classics.

In Strictly Come Dancing I got to say I do miss Bryan Conley as he had the fun factor and now the competition is hotting up I think the rest of the celebs are taking it quite seriously. I nevertheless am still loving the show.

I have no interest in the X Factor whatsoever. I have been watching repeats of Only Fools And Horses and Friends on my Now TV box.

I have now posted some  pictures of my Halloween decoration on my Seasonal Clear up page on Carriesrealworld.com

I will post more of my home makeover as we now have new curtains and lights. We have started to decorate for Christmas too.

I am going to  post a few gift guides coming soon, to help with ideas of what to do for Christmas this year.

So have a good rest of the weekend everyone and please let me know what you have been up to too.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie x

Getting ready for Halloween


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I will be adding more as we go through the weeks. Tonight I am having a night off from parenting and so thought I would catch up on my weekly blog.

Half term was good as it meant I got to spend some time with my mum, and we took Henry to the local soft cafe where my son got to have a new haircut.

I have been taking Henry up to London most Mondays too, apart from this week as he did have a bit of nasty cold. I love taking him up to Hyde Park and St James park.

Now I am watching Only Fools and Horses on my Now TV box. I got to say this is a lovely brilliant little box and we can watch so much, so much cheaper than Sky TV.

Tonight I will be watching Strictly Come Dancing. It is been a great series so far, and still think Debbie McGee is the surprise for this year as I wasn’t expecting her to be as good as what she is.

I think Alexandra Burke is one of the favourites for this year.

I have also been watching The Apprentice, it seems that the candidates are getting worse, not better and I think my son Henry could come up with better ideas than these lot.

Tomorrow we are off to a shop called Dunelm, which is a really good low price store as we looking to give a home a make over. We have started to decorate for Halloween and got some bits from TK Maxx, which I will take photos of and put on my Seasonal Clear up page, once I clear some space on my phone.

So that’s it for this time round, I hope you have a good rest of the weekend and I will write more next week.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X