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When the autumn comes and it begins to get colder

When the autumn comes and it begins to get colder

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Suddenly the weather has begun to get colder and when the autumn comes it starts to get darker early, the leaves all fall from the trees and its time for coats, scarves, hats and gloves.

For me what I love about this time of the year is being cozy indoors with a nice cup of hot chocolate, or a cup of tea, listening to some music, watching a film, with my husband and son. I have already begun listening to “Last Christmas” and also like a good festive book.

Getting up in the mornings is harder as it begins to get colder, and you are nicely warm tucked up in bed.

The food I love this time of year is a good slow cooked meals, such as a sausage or beef casserole, a lovely roast on a Sunday and on Saturday, this one coming we are planning on having some homemade kebabs.

Easy to do:

  • Get some diced meat of your choice
  • Peppers and mushrooms
  • Kebab sticks

Then you are good to go.

Half term this week and next. My son is off next week, and going to spend a lot of it as I see it, you never know with children and transport problems if it goes to plan or not, but going on many buses and trains, visiting some places in London.

If you are doing the same then I would recommend in getting an Oyster card rather than a Travelcard because this can add up to be more expensive. You can touch in and out of stations and buses with a debit or credit card, but with an Oyster card you just put the amount you want on it, and then it is easier to keep tabs on what you have spent and how much you have left.

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Then it is Halloween, and today I in a moment will be getting out my Halloween Decor out, to decorate the home. We mainly decorate our living room area. We want our son Henry to experience the seasonal celebration days such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

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I love a Christmas market and will be planning on seeing visiting even if I don’t buy anything. Having a Christmas drink in the coffee shop, one of my favourite things at Christmas. They can add on calories so will only be having a few, but nevertheless will be taking full advantage when I do.

So lets put on some tunes, getting cozy with the heating on if your are cold and lets enjoy our festive comforts. HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYONE!

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Birthdays and Christmas


It has been a busy month with it being my son’s birthday last weekend, aswell as my brothers and my mums.

Halloween has been and gone, along with fireworks night. I didn’t do any trickle treating, but a few little ones near where I live, did and didn’t go to any fireworks displays. I prefer to  be cozy at home and indoors.

For my son’s birthday we took him with some friends to Flipout in Wandsworth, which I would recommend as it is great way for all the children to have fun, for a couple of hours.

I have been loving a new song called Whisky Tango, by Jack Savoretti. Check out video below:

And have been listening to some great classics too, beginning with George Michael’s song, such as the song A Different Corner.

And Wham song called Everything she wants. Just a few of George Michael’s classics.

In Strictly Come Dancing I got to say I do miss Bryan Conley as he had the fun factor and now the competition is hotting up I think the rest of the celebs are taking it quite seriously. I nevertheless am still loving the show.

I have no interest in the X Factor whatsoever. I have been watching repeats of Only Fools And Horses and Friends on my Now TV box.

I have now posted some  pictures of my Halloween decoration on my Seasonal Clear up page on Carriesrealworld.com

I will post more of my home makeover as we now have new curtains and lights. We have started to decorate for Christmas too.

I am going to  post a few gift guides coming soon, to help with ideas of what to do for Christmas this year.

So have a good rest of the weekend everyone and please let me know what you have been up to too.

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Carrie x

Getting ready for Halloween


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I will be adding more as we go through the weeks. Tonight I am having a night off from parenting and so thought I would catch up on my weekly blog.

Half term was good as it meant I got to spend some time with my mum, and we took Henry to the local soft cafe where my son got to have a new haircut.

I have been taking Henry up to London most Mondays too, apart from this week as he did have a bit of nasty cold. I love taking him up to Hyde Park and St James park.

Now I am watching Only Fools and Horses on my Now TV box. I got to say this is a lovely brilliant little box and we can watch so much, so much cheaper than Sky TV.

Tonight I will be watching Strictly Come Dancing. It is been a great series so far, and still think Debbie McGee is the surprise for this year as I wasn’t expecting her to be as good as what she is.

I think Alexandra Burke is one of the favourites for this year.

I have also been watching The Apprentice, it seems that the candidates are getting worse, not better and I think my son Henry could come up with better ideas than these lot.

Tomorrow we are off to a shop called Dunelm, which is a really good low price store as we looking to give a home a make over. We have started to decorate for Halloween and got some bits from TK Maxx, which I will take photos of and put on my Seasonal Clear up page, once I clear some space on my phone.

So that’s it for this time round, I hope you have a good rest of the weekend and I will write more next week.

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Carrie X