Strictly Come Dancing Final

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Strictly Come Dancing final last night, but sad that it had to end. I predicted ages ago in a former blog post that Kevin and Stacey would win. They did have a fantastic partnership and I thought that Craig’s (one of the strictly judges) scores were pretty harsh, I lovedContinue reading “Strictly Come Dancing Final”

Wedding Fever

Since the royal wedding last Saturday I now have wedding fever and won’t stop watching it. It was such a beautiful wedding and day, that now I just want to keep reliving it. It takes me back to my day. I married in Southampton, in a Tudor Hall, which I found whilst watching a documentaryContinue reading “Wedding Fever”

Some Tunes and organzation videos

It Saturday and not a day I often blog on, but as I was listening to some music and watched some Youtube videos I thought I would share some of the ones I love listening to and watching. Today I was supposed to be seeing some friends I have known all my life that IContinue reading “Some Tunes and organzation videos”

Sunday Funday

Please see my new blog I wrote on my blog website: I shared a new workout video I used yesterday, and I am going to  have Youtube workout week. I am gonna do another workout today aswell. Today my mum took us to see my brothers new place, and now I am home, catchingContinue reading “Sunday Funday”

What Fridays mean to me

Friday some people will be clock watching for their final day at work to finish so they can get ready for the weekend ahead. For me I look forward to spending time with my husband and my son. I do like my Wednesdays and Fridays as it is time for myself, and I use itContinue reading “What Fridays mean to me”

Getting ready for Christmas

It is Friday and I am off, hooray. So nice not to have to rush around getting ready for work, even though this is also kind of my work, but it feels more like a hobby rather than work as I enjoy blogging so much. I have just done my gift guide for babies andContinue reading “Getting ready for Christmas”