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Queen Mania


I think I have Queen Mania as at the moment I can’t help but play their music, and through watching Queen on Youtube came across this singer called Marc Martel.

Check out this video here of his version of Love of My Life

I also love the Adam Lambert’s version of the Cher song, Believe.

Check out this interview of Brian May interview with Lorraine, he talks about how Freddie Mercury would have loved that Queen continue on their legacy and I think he couldn’t be more truthful if he tried.

I so want to see them in concert now, and love their music like never before.

Do you like Queen?

Whats your favourite Queen song?

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

TV and Music I am loving at the moment


The things I am loving at the moment are, I love watching the 100K drop with Davina McCall. I wouldn’t go on it myself, but I find it nerve wracking watching other people try it out. I think it so depends on what questions you get, as they could be anything.

I loved the series Cleaning Up with Sheridan Smith, I love her new music to.

This is the one I am loving at the moment, called Northern Soul.

The other music I have been listening to is Queen, Who Wants To Live Forever, this has a strong connection with me, as it reminds me of someone I used to work with who sadly died all of a sudden. It was so unexpected that whenever I listen to the song it takes me back to that time, and keeps Nigel (was his name) memory alive for me.

If you liked the film Bohemian Rhapsody, then you will like this video, which shows the making of the film.

So what music and TV have you been loving at the moment?

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Living with music


Music has always been a massive part of my life. I have never known it not to be. I am not a musician or a singer, even though I have had lessons, but I wouldn’t give Adele a run for her money, in fact I don’t think my voice could ever be any where close to hers, but I do love my music.

As a child I would spend hours listening to my records, which was the way in the early 80’s to listen to music. Then came cassette tapes and CD’s. I especially loved Christmas I was always guaranteed a new cassette or record.

I didn’t buy my first CD until later on as I reached adult age.

I still listened to my walkman, which was a portable device that worked on AA batteries and it would play cassette tapes. I loved my walkman and continued to use it all the way up until I left school, until I received a CD and got a portable CD player for Christmas.

I then started to fade away from listening to my tapes to the point that I no longer at the age of 38 owned a cassette tape anymore, I haven’t even bought a CD in the last 10 or so years. If I want to listen to music I play it via YouTube, or Google music app.

However I still keep my CD’s and will sometimes play one using my laptop whilst working in my home office/guest bedroom.

To me music is more than a tune it is what is represents in your life. As soon as I hear for example A-HA Take On Me, it instantly takes me back to my childhood when I used to live in Hammersmith, or when I listen to Alexander O’Neal Fake it makes me remember those great holidays my mum and dad used to take me and my brother on, to Menorca with some of my mum and dads friends from Chelsea, in London.


Quote above from: Quotesgram.com

There is something about music that brings me peace and harmony and will forever be my favourite thing.

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End of another week


Its Friday Yippy. No more school run for two days, hooray. Not that I don’t like the school run it is such a mission, as Henry my son loves to watch people going passed, the pond, the trees for squirrels and the buses going by.

Today is going to be an easy day for me, as got most of what I needed to do during the week. At the moment I am listening on Google Music APP Guetta and Sia Flames.

Not sure if I am that impressed with Google Music App as you have to pay for it, and should be able to listen to podcasts as as music, but it won’t let me andI got it because I wanted to listen to podcasts not just music.

Another App I am using is Podcasts which is available from Play Store and it is completely free to use and I am loving it.

I love listening to Tony Robbins and been watching a lot of videos on Youtube by Erin May Henry, Gillian Perkins, Sugar Mamma, Alexa Aka MissTrenchCoat and Project Life Mastery. I would recommend them to watch as they really help motivate me and inspire me.

This weekend it is my brothers birthday and my sons, so will be celebrating those and have small gathering of family.

So who inspires you on Podcasts, Youtube and what you up to this weekend I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X





Career change and music


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We have had some success with Henry with the toilet training, and thought I would share because I know other parents are going through the same thing and wanted to help through my blogs the best I can on such topics.

It has gone so quickly this time last week I was doing a First Aid course, as I am now going to be a Nursery Assistant at a local nursery close to where I live and I am looking forward to the new change or career. It was what I wanted to do for a long time and pleased that I persisted and now going to be doing this type of job.

The good thing about my new adventure I can choose what hours I want to do, which works perfectly with my current lifestyle. It is tricky to juggle everything, but what I have learned, you find a way.

I was sad to hear that Aretha Franklin died, such a singing legend, and want to pay a tribute to her and share my favourite song of hers. See below. 

Happy birthday to Madonna, who I have been a fan of for so long, my favourite song is I’m Crazy For You.

Music has been a massive part of my life that I couldn’t imagine my life without it, and it’s artists like Aretha Franklin, Madonna and my boys Bon Jovi that have kept it revolving.

What does music mean to you? and what is your favourite Aretha Franklin and Madonna song? Have you had a change in career and what did it feel like?

I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Went to see Mama Mia


It is Sunday early evening and it is still boiling hot, I am melting as I sit in my bedroom to write this post. It is so hot that my son has striped himself naked.

I wish I could get away with that, knowing all our windows are open so my neighbours would get an eye full if I did strip off. I not long have had a cold shower and I am melting again already.

No I am not complaining it is good to have such a good summer but I am typical English gal and not used to this heat.

I have had a good weekend though I went to see Mama Mia 2. I liked it, I thought it was much better than the first one, which now I have to see again, as to be honest I haven’t really sat down to really watch it, but seen snippets, so think I am gonna have a Mama Mia catch up when the second one comes out on DVD, so I can watch both back to back.

He is a snippet from the second film

Earlier today I was playing some of ABBA’s hits whilst my husband was painting our house.

What did you get up to at the weekend? I would love to hear.

Thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Rainy days and hot weather


I don’t want to moan about the heat, because in Britain I have come to know bad summers where there has been less hot days than cold days.

The heat has affected my sleep but I am still not going to moan.

It felt good getting out early this morning, dropping my son off at nursery, but was tired out from walking to walk anymore, I had to get the bus back.

Now I am sitting on my bed, sweating buckets, but I know it not gonna be any cooler outside, and like I said there are thunderstorms on the way.

Since writing this blog it has rained and we did have a thunderstorm, so entertained myself by cleaning and playing some tunes, and watching some videos on Youtube.

The tune I am loving at the moment is by Ultravox, “Dancing with tears in my eyes”

What tunes do you like to play when it is raining and you don’t want to go outside?

I’d love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X