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Pick pockets and thieves.


Could you spot a pick pocket, a thief from a crowd of people?

They are people that look like any other person and that is why they get away before you’ve realised that they have taken something from you, and by the time you’ve noticed it is too late to get the item back.  

I remember at Secondary school there were two girls in my class who were stealing and eventually caught, and it would be someone’s lunch or purse, etc. That is the worst thing when it happen to you, because then everyone feels like they can’t trust each other, and even though you know you haven’t done anything you can’t help but feel guilty either.

Those girls who stole never gained people’s trust again and people did remind them of it, and they couldn’t have normal school life because they were known as the school thieves, and there is no turning back once you get that reputation.

If something doesn’t belong to you why take it?

I am writing this going on my own knowledge of being a victim of someone who’s had stuff stolen in the past from them and I hate seeing it happen to anyone else.


You may have heard this said many times but it is said for a reason for you to follow, to protect you and to remind you that once someone has been stolen sometimes it can be very hard to prove and once it has gone it is very hard to get it back.

I was in Oxford Street yesterday and it gave me the idea for this blog, not because anything happened on the day but I know that there are Pick pockets and thieves who target those sorts of places, where it is busy and people can loose focus as they are so caught up in the shopping rush and so stop paying attention to your belongings, and loose focus on the amount of shops and goodies there are in the stores.

So next time you shop be vigilant and never take your eye of your bag for one second.

Here are some key instructions to help protect your belongs from those Pick pockets and thieves.

  1. Never leave handbags, purses, shopping bags on a shop floor whilst trying on or looking at another item. The amount of people I know have done this and it can happen in a split second, because a pickpocket/thief will always be watching and suddenly those belongings your shopping bags have gone. Always try on items if on your own in a fitting room or wait to you get home, but make sure you check the store return policy and you keep the receipt; Or if you a have friend, spouse or relative with ask them to stay with the bags whilst you look, but remember to return the favour if they need their belongings looked after too.
  2. Put your purse at the very bottom of your handbag and out of sight. It will make it more difficult for them to take as you are more likely to notice and you are not causing temptation. If people see a purse in bag and you are not looking they will try to take it from you before you’ve noticed. Alternatively use an inside coat pocket, I never keep a purse in a  back, but I do keep in a pocket if the packet is sealed a zip or secure buttons, and it is fitted right at the front of the coat, not at the side or never in a trouser back pocket. I always telling my husband if he is going to use a pocket to store cash in his jeans, either use inside pocket or use the front pocket of the jeans, hidden away so there is no clue that there is money in there.
  3. Ideally use a zip up handbag for your purse or a small bag with a secure clip fastener on it, and keep it at the front of you, so you can see it. If the bag has a flap open at the front, put this facing towards you and closed when not needing to go into the bag at all times. With a hand bag that has a zip at the top of it, make sure it is zipped up when you don’t need to go into your bag, and have the bag strap over your shoulder with the actual zip fastener, in front further away from you, and keep hand over the zip.   
  4. Any bags with inside zip compartments use them for keeping possessions such as your money, your mobile phones, keys and audio devices; any high valuable items including jewellery and watches, if a thief sees it will try and take it if it is on show. So hide them all away until you need to use them.  
  5. Don’t put handbags below your seat when travelling or in a theatre, I did this when I went to the comedy store, some guy sat next to me then left and when I look down under the seat where I put my handbag it has gone, and it was most scariest time, as I lost everything, my keys, cards, my purse, my phone and my Oyster card. The people I was with were terrific and helped me to sort cancelling my cards and lent me money for another Oyster card, but if I had used my common sense and kept it on my lap it would not have happened. I did get my bag back as someone did find it, but my phone and money I had, had gone, but if I could have avoided it happening in the first place I would have done and did teach my a valuable lesson.
  6. Be aware of your whereabouts when withdrawing cash from a cash machine, when banks are open go into the bank rather than use the cash machines outside, but if you do just be aware of who is around you and if anyone approaches you and tries to distracts you (as they can take your card and they sometimes make out that you have dropped something on the floor), keep eye on machine, carry on as quickly as possible and report the person to the bank right away. Avoid confrontation if you feel threatened then keep calm, hand them the cash or card if they are threatening and saying they have a weapon, don’t try and play hero, but once they have gone, go straight into the bank cancel the card and report any cash taken and make sure you contact the police. The more these thieves are reported the more the banks and authorities can help to prevent this happening to anyone else.  
  7. This leads me to my last piece of advice, which is never carry a huge amount of cash at one time, unless necessary and store safely away in bag and don’t stand there counting the money as someone could be watching, put the money away out of site. If possible always withdraw cash when you are with someone else who can look out for you whilst you withdraw any money.

Enjoy shopping but don’t allow yourself to be a victim and keep safe.


Many thanks for reading,



Carrie X