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Living on £20 a week


As a lover of Youtube, I came across this video about a young girl who was set a challenge to only spend £20 a week in London, and it inspired me, to look at my own finances.

Watch video below:

It amazes me how much it is to have a sandwich in a coffee shop, compared to making the same sandwich at home, yet I can’t help myself, so going to spend more time using up what I have at home before I go out and buy anything.

Travelling up to London, and back to Epsom is about £10 a time, for one journey, so gonna start finding other travel methods instead.

See what I can do locally rather than travelling up to London all the time, I just love to walk up there and my son loves the train, so perhaps I should just spend money on my Oyster cards, and then it will help make the journey cheaper.

How do you save money ? I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Sunday Girl


It is Sunday evening and I am now ready to get ready for bed and relax for the evening.

I like to take advantage on Sundays and get bits done I am not able to get done in the week. I had a steaming hot bath, a nice cooked breakfast in my local cafe, spent some time in the park so my son could have a good run around and then did a bit of shopping in Wilkos.

We then popped to Homebase as we are in the process of changing our home around a bit, and looked for some new lights. I managed to find some that caught my eye.

We then returned home and I had a clear out in my Guest Room/Home Office.

Then my mum arrived with my niece at which my son and niece had fun playing, whilst my mum and I sorted out the garden.

All in all a good structured day. Now watching Strictly Come Dancing results, and soon will depart to bed to get ready for tomorrows adventures too.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Keep The Faith In Others


I was going to type on here this morning at about 4am when I was wide awake and needed to get on with something. Yes that isn’t a typing error that was the time. I had woken from a dream and could hear my husband chatting to our son, whilst changing his nappy. Thank you hubby.

Then he made me a cup of tea and I was wide awake so got up to do some work on the computer but had already started something else that I had left from yesterday so got on with that instead and edited a video, ready to publish. It’s uploading now.

I just this minute as I continue write this blog, added the music in part of my video. It is a recipe. Banana Loaf Cake from All Recipes http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/8729/easy-banana-cake.aspx 

I then once finished editing my video, became tired again and did manage to get another hour or so of sleep.


Sorry I had put this blog on hold for half an hour or so. I got the chance to have a nice hot bath, using Avon Golden Moments bubble bath. I don’t always get the luxury of a bath these days, so when an opportunity comes along I make the most of it.

See photo of the bubble bath below, take from:



Avon Golden Moments Bubble Bath

I took my son to the doctors yesterday because his cold seemed to be getting worse and usually when that happens it means he is developing a Chest Infection. Lucky whilst waiting in the surgery to see the doctor and Henry was about to kick off my husband turned up to meet me. We waited over an hour.

Once seen by the doctor it was literally 10 minutes in and then out.

Lucky my son is all good and it is just a cold.

I do dread doctors surgery now because every time I have gone there I have had to wait for ages. It does appear that we are struggling for GP’s and doctors. You think of the size of this country and the amount of people we have living here, you can’t help but think why.

There was another mum there too who had two children. One who was I would say near to Henry’s age and an older child. They helped entertain Henry too with no questions asked, especially the older child. The little one was a bit resistant, but she was only tiny. They were doing High five and Henry kept wanting to hug the younger child, and then cheer as he does when he does high five. He does love other children. As soon as he sees other children playing he is off.

I forgot to say to the mum and her two children thank you. As they were a great help in keeping my son from having a breakdown. I have experience snobby mums, but when meeting the mum like I did yesterday helps to restore my faith in people.

Thank you to the lady and her children they are a credit to the world and society.

So I better go now as I can hear that Henry is awake, but I will blog again on this site next week.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X



Organize your shopping


I organize everything from my laundry to my groceries, to unpack I put them into categories and then it is easy to put each item into the place where it should be, fridge, dry foods, fruit and vegetables etc, and the takes less than 5 minutes to put away.

Before you make your shopping list make a list of the meals you can make out the current groceries you have, so this will mean checking the fridge and cupboards to check on the items you have, and this will help minimise your wastage and you use what you have and the amount you spend as for example I know I can make at least 5 meals out of the groceries I have so I know I don’t need any more shopping until Friday or so.

I always as mentioned in my past blogs plan my meals in a week or two weeks in advance.

Making a list of the meals you can make on what you currently have and what ingredients you need to help create a meal from the items you already have will help to reduce the list and you buy items on what you need to add, to make those meals a week.

So don’t waste money on groceries think about how much you can save on the groceries and spend and save money on other things.

Many thanks for reading.

Carrie X