Taking some well earned timeout

Taking some well earned timeout, is often needed and this weekend we did. Last week was good, Henry got to dress in yellow for #helloyellow day at his school to raise money for young people with mental illness. Check out my blog I wrote about How to look after the mind on my website https://everyonecanbuildacastle.com/Continue reading “Taking some well earned timeout”

What a Dreadful Day

What a dreadful day it is today, and boy did I get wet this morning, literally soaked through. I couldn’t even drink the Chai Latte I bought from Costa I got so wet. Anyway dried off now and indoors. Please check out my new fitness blog I wrote called “Completed Another Run” outside, as IContinue reading “What a Dreadful Day”

Strictly is back

So I watched the 2019 Strictly come dancing launch show on catch up and yes I am really excited about its return. There are a few faces this year that I am not so familiar with, I know of the female footballer turned TV pundit Alex Scott, the lady from Eastenders Emma Barton, the rowerContinue reading “Strictly is back”

Meal for a Tenner Review

I posted a blog about a Meal for a tennerĀ and so here is my review on it. We tried the ones at Tesco and was very impressed, but not with Marks and Spencers which we tried last Saturday. It was lovely meal, but both my husband and I didn’t go much on the Rose wineContinue reading “Meal for a Tenner Review”

I love Alfonzo

If you don’t know who Alfonzo is, he is the guy who played Carlton on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He did the American version of Strictly Come Dancing, called Dancing with the Stars and won. Here he is dancing below: I thought this was brilliant dancing and the fact he was making funContinue reading “I love Alfonzo”

I have dreams about being on Strictly Come Dancing

Being a massive fan of Strictly Come Dancing, which is the UK version of Dancing with the stars, I been having dreams that I am on the show. No this isn’t a ploy to actually be on the show, as I have to be real to myself, that it is never going to happen, butContinue reading “I have dreams about being on Strictly Come Dancing”

End of another week

It is Friday once again, and I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I am. I started my new job this week, as a Nursery Practitioner and it is good to have a fresh start of something new to get my teeth into, but been tiring at the same time. I am looking forwardContinue reading “End of another week”

Strictly is back…yay…

Yes it is back and I can not wait. I don’t know all of the celebrities this year so not sure who will stand out and who will not, but still excited to see it back. It really is my favourite show. I am a bit sad that Brendan Cole not in it this year,Continue reading “Strictly is back…yay…”

Christmas Music

It is 12 days until Christmas and I thought I was done until I realized I had some chocolate father Christmases that I was supposed to give out last year but didn’t so will be giving these to some special people this Christmas. It is OK they are still in date but I only haveContinue reading “Christmas Music”

I love a Christmas Market

It is Wednesday already I had a lovely weekend in Southampton seeing my husband’s family, they had a Christmas Market on which I love and had a drink in the German Bar they had there. This morning I woke up feeling groggy no idea why, but my son has this weekend not been well, hadContinue reading “I love a Christmas Market”