Taking some well earned timeout

Taking some well earned timeout, is often needed and this weekend we did. Last week was good, Henry got to dress in yellow for #helloyellow day at his school to raise money for young people with mental illness. Check out my blog I wrote about How to look after the mind on my website https://everyonecanbuildacastle.com/Continue reading “Taking some well earned timeout”

Celebrating the Easter Holidays

It was a good two weeks off, I was working through part of it, but still got to enjoy the holiday. My son got to do lots of adventurous things, like riding on a bus and train which he loves. He was taken on a Thomas The Tank Engine Train, and didn’t want to getContinue reading “Celebrating the Easter Holidays”

I love Alfonzo

If you don’t know who Alfonzo is, he is the guy who played Carlton on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He did the American version of Strictly Come Dancing, called Dancing with the Stars and won. Here he is dancing below: I thought this was brilliant dancing and the fact he was making funContinue reading “I love Alfonzo”

A trip to Kingston

Yesterday we (my mum and I) took my son Henry to Kingston Upon Thames, it isn’t that far from where we live and can easily take a overground train there or get there by various buses, check out the TFL website for information. It was nice weather, not too hot or cold, and we lookedContinue reading “A trip to Kingston”

Visit up to the Southbank

It has been a really good bank holiday, so much so we decided to go the Oak Furniture in New Malden today and purchased a new sofa, for our Living Room. I will post about this and show a photo on my Seasonal Clean up page, on http://www.carriesrealworld.com Once it all arrives. On Saturday weContinue reading “Visit up to the Southbank”

Went to the Cinema

Whilst it was boiling hot outside, my other half and I decided to take a trip to Wimbledon, have a few drinks whilst watching the football, France Vs Argentina, and then take a trip to the cinema. Whilst watching the football in the Prince Of Wales Pub, I had a glass of Old Moat Cider,Continue reading “Went to the Cinema”