Taking some well earned timeout

Taking some well earned timeout, is often needed and this weekend we did. Last week was good, Henry got to dress in yellow for #helloyellow day at his school to raise money for young people with mental illness. Check out my blog I wrote about How to look after the mind on my website https://everyonecanbuildacastle.com/Continue reading “Taking some well earned timeout”

TV and Music I am loving at the moment

The things I am loving at the moment are, I love watching the 100K drop with Davina McCall. I wouldn’t go on it myself, but I find it nerve wracking watching other people try it out. I think it so depends on what questions you get, as they could be anything. I loved the seriesContinue reading “TV and Music I am loving at the moment”

Meal for a Tenner Review

I posted a blog about a Meal for a tenner and so here is my review on it. We tried the ones at Tesco and was very impressed, but not with Marks and Spencers which we tried last Saturday. It was lovely meal, but both my husband and I didn’t go much on the Rose wineContinue reading “Meal for a Tenner Review”

I love a Royal Wedding

Thank the lord it is Saturday, the weekend, and I am feeling good this morning after having a good rest. Thanks to my mum for looking after Henry, so I could go out with my friends for the evening. We met and had a drink and a bite to eat in Victoria, in London andContinue reading “I love a Royal Wedding”

End of another week

It is Friday once again, and I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I am. I started my new job this week, as a Nursery Practitioner and it is good to have a fresh start of something new to get my teeth into, but been tiring at the same time. I am looking forwardContinue reading “End of another week”

Its as if there was no snow

I can’t believe after having all that snow its as if when you look outside, that there wasn’t any snow. This time last week it looked bleak as on Friday I had to wait over an hour for a train just to go 5 stops. It is amazing how nature can cause the whole ofContinue reading “Its as if there was no snow”

Getting by

Please check out my new blog on my website: https://theparentingadventurestipsandtricks.wordpress.com  I have started to Home Educate Henry, my son, to help get him ready for when he starts school in September. For me it is been a bit of struggle as I lost my job just before Christmas, but getting by the best I can.Continue reading “Getting by”

Sunday Funday

Please see my new blog I wrote on my blog website: https://sportsandfitnesspassion.wordpress.com I shared a new workout video I used yesterday, and I am going to  have Youtube workout week. I am gonna do another workout today aswell. Today my mum took us to see my brothers new place, and now I am home, catchingContinue reading “Sunday Funday”

Christmas is upon us

It is the 21st of December and not being smug, and not trying to cause alarm to others, but I am all set for the festive cheer. Christmas prezzies all bought and taken over to nannies and all there is left is to drive over on Christmas Day, to stay at my mums for Christmas.Continue reading “Christmas is upon us”

I love a Christmas Market

It is Wednesday already I had a lovely weekend in Southampton seeing my husband’s family, they had a Christmas Market on which I love and had a drink in the German Bar they had there. This morning I woke up feeling groggy no idea why, but my son has this weekend not been well, hadContinue reading “I love a Christmas Market”