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Pop down to Selsey


After going to a lovely wedding at the weekend, my mum, son and I took a trip down to Selsey to see my Auntie and Uncle and Cousins.

Yesterday we walked a long the coastal line, along by the beach had a bite to eat then walked on into the town.

The town is pretty small but has shops like Boots pharmacy and food places.

We went to see the Lifeboat as my Auntie works there in the gift shop as a volunteer, and we not really allowed, but was let onto the Lifeboat to have a look inside.

There a lot houses, which are holiday homes along the coastal front, and there are a few parks along the way too.

It is a pebbly beach but worth walking along as you can see to you right as you go long the isle of wight and Portsmouth and to your left Bognor Regis.

A lovely little place to go, and would like to do more travelling along the south coast of England as it is worth seeing and visiting.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X