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A Meal for a tenner


Thanks to my mum, who is the greatest, we have been introduced to the supermarket meal deals. Now each Saturday we now save a tenner to purchase a meal deal.

The great thing about doing the meal deal is that you get a bottle of wine with it aswell, for you fellow wine drinkers out there.

I think it is totally worth it, so far we have apart from today, done the Tescos meal deal and both times they have been really nice meals.

Today we decided to try the Mark and Spencers one and I will report back on what I thought. We have gone with steak, mash potato and a bottle of wine.

I  am already in the opinion that the Tescos one you get slightly more for your money as it includes one main, one side, dessert and bottle of wine, but with the Marks and Spencers one you get a main, a side or dessert and a bottle of wine.

You can do the meal deal just for one or for two.

So I am gonna enjoy the rest of my Saturday and look forward to another hopefully nice meal.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X